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6-figure Mastery

Connect to Self & Source to Create $10k+ Months in Your Service-Based Business

I’m Adriana Monique Alvarez, Leading Business Strategist and Expert at teaching women how to create six figures through high-end sales.

This is your opportunity to have a multiple six-figure sales mentor by your side and in your ear for 3 months to show you EXACTLY what to do to take your business into six-figure sales.

Six-Figure Mastery is where I pull together an Olympic level group of women who are ready to move into...

❣️ Self Mastery
❣️ Embodiment of Your Gifts
❣️ Connection to Self, Angels, Guides, and Ancestors
❣️ Creating Your legacy and 7 generations of wealth for Your family

Who am I and why should you listen to me?





💓 Retired my husband.

💓 Traveled the world in style with my family for the last 3 years.

💓 Been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Thrive, Elephant Journal & Addicted to Success.

💓 Author of four books.

I am a business woman and channel. Fully in my power and flowing in my clair-powers.

It’s my life’s work to show women how to SHOW UP, RECEIVE DIVINE COMPENSATION, & CHANGE THE WORLD by being THEMSELVES.

This program is sublime and the best way to get how our time together will be is for you to watch these trainings I recently channeled...

Reduce Resistance to Wealth & Return to Love

Speak Up, Show Up & Share Your Story

Personal Power, Willpower & Fanatical Focus

Success Is Muscle Memory

Client Love

"From Stop & Start to $9,100 in 7 Weeks"

"From Inconsistent and Observing to Showing Up!"

"I'm Booking Calls for My High-end Packages!"

"I made $6,444 in the first month!...

Leah Borski

My top two takeaways from working with Adriana were to embrace the concept of "keep going until ____" don't stop until I fill my program vs stopping after a set # of lives or promo days.

The next was the importance of tuning in, allowing, and trust vs forcing, grinding, hustling and HOW to do this in a way that feels good and gets results. I've known this for self-care and stress relief but could not figure out how to apply it to my business until joining this program. I made $6,444 in the first month! Thank you for lighting the path and believing in me long before I believed in myself."

- Leah Borski

We Start on July 23rd, Limited Spots Available

We will be together in this dynamic circle for 3 months. 

I provide the energy, repetition and accountability necessary to leave the past and live into your future.

Simplicity is revolutionary and that is why this program is about practicing fanatical focus around a handful of core actions in order to bring your ONE BURNING desire ($10k+ months) into your reality.

"I'm about to hit a $10k month!...

Lesley Gilbert

Thank you for all your support over the last two years. I feel like I've got this! I sold out my retreat and am about to hit a $10k month! It's so exciting."

- Lesley Gilbert

"I sold out of my branding program...

Kate Franco

After working with Adriana I sold out of my branding program and sold a VIP package. In one week I made as much as I used to in one month (after taxes) in toxic corporate!"

- Kate Franco

"I am celebrating my first $10k day!...

Jennifer Pipe

Adriana has helped me expand the vision for my business. When I announced that registration was open for my latest program it filled immediately and I am celebrating my first $10k day!"

- Jennifer Pipe

"SO SO GOOD. And so worth the investment!...

Sabrina Ivonne

SERIOUSLY. Adriana Monique Alvarez pours her heart into this program. SO SO GOOD. And so worth the investment! YOU ARE SO WORTHY OF THE INVESTMENT!!!! I got my money's worth in the very first training video."

- Sabrina Ivonne

"My inbox is on fire and I'm booking calls...

Lisa Farrington

I'm in 7 Clients In 7 Weeks and it's SO good.

My inbox is on fire and I'm booking calls. If you want more clients, check out this program, it's UNREAL."

- Lisa Farrington

"I sold my first spot in my upcoming program!!...

Darcie Elizabeth

This program is EXACTLY what I needed to move my business forward and it couldn't have come at a better time. I just got notification that I sold my first spot in my upcoming program!! Extra win because this is the highest dollar-value offer that I’ve created so far."

- Darcie Elizabeth

6-figure Mastery OUTCOMES

✨ Release subconscious and suppressed emotions and memories around wealth and creating money

✨ Fall in love with yourself, your clients, and the work you do

✨ Connect with your Angels, Guides & Ancestors on a daily basis and act on the guidance you receive

✨ Use your voice to empower, encourage, and bring light to all who hear you

✨ Resign from complaining, stories, excuses, rants, and toxic relationships that keep you small

✨ Make self mastery your priority in order to become a woman of excellence

✨ Live in your power, certainty & trust

✨ Easily focus on the thoughts, emotions & behaviors that line up with the legacy you wish to leave

✨ Feel successful, fulfilled & rich at a cellular level

✨ Energetically connect with your prospective clients & call them in

✨ Experience the Universe assisting you and accelerating the delivery of all you desire

✨ Lifetime access to the 6-figure Mastery Library, containing over a dozen high-level trainings, weekly Q&A sessions and hot seats

✨ PLUS+++ Lifetime access to all the BONUS Libraries, including Magic & Miracles, Holy Business Platinum, and Creatrix Mastery

"I highly recommend Adriana Monique Alvarez...

Corrinne Bishop

I am currently on the 7 weeks program and it is the biggest growth of my life. In a loving way Adriana pushes you to your highest potential - in her words to me she has said "I will never let you be less of the amazing women that you are." So inspirational. Her support is second to none!

I've always dreamed of having my own healing modality and that's basically what I've created in my Signature Offer. I have loads of people interested and sold my first one!"

- Corrinne Bishop

Get ready to…

🌺 Feel what connection and community feel like

🌺 Trust your intuition and the guidance you receive

🌺 Learn sophisticated business skills that work right now

🌺 Become the most focused woman you have ever been!

For 90 days I am going to lead you back to yourself, show you how easy it can be, and challenge you to find your edge and live on it.

You will wake up knowing how to set an income intention and call it in.

You will divorce isolation and being the lone wolf and celebrate being an integral part of the circle.

You will fall in love with receiving and the energy of money.

It's not a space for theory.

This is where we will practice, practice, practice together imperfectly in order to train our entire systems what success FEELS like.

"I got 7 clients in 17 days after joining this program!...

Saskia Esslinger

The most helpful part of this program has been the daily prompts, clear directives on how to focus my energies."

- Saskia Esslinger

"10 clients enrolled in my new program in 4 weeks...

Samantha Leske

I got 10 clients in 4 weeks in my new group program. High ends sales really do work. I am so pleased!"

- Samantha Leske

"I made back my investment within a few weeks!...

Jess Thompson

I am celebrating that this program has been so impactful that I have made back the money I spent on it within a few weeks... and I have so many leads! I suddenly have so many more people engaging with me. That's a huge shift!"

- Jess Thompson

"I sold my first $7,800 coaching package...

Kasia Gurgul

I sold my first $7,800 coaching package within one week of working with Adriana Monique Alvarez! And the best part is the client paid in full! I had no idea it could be this easy. I have more calls booked, too.

Thanks for your incredibly valuable guidance and encouragement Adriana! You are always here to lead us and back us and working with you is worth every American dollar I would recommend you to any woman who wants to have a high quality of life while creating a sustainable passion-fueled business aligned with who they are."

- Kasia Gurgul

What is included in The 6-figure Mastery Program?

🌟 A safe and powerful Private Facebook Group where you can get feedback, ask questions, and receive support (Value $1,999)

🌟 Daily accountability check-ins to catch resistance and encourage consistency (Value $2,999)

🌟 Bi-monthly live trainings to show you how to integrate your spiritual gifts and your ability to create cash on demand (Value $2,999)

🌟 Once a month Q&A via Zoom where you will receive personalized feedback and guidance (Value $1,499)

🌟 DIRECT ACCESS TO ADRIANA via the FB group to create solutions as needed (Value $2,999)


💫 Containing over a dozen high-level trainings, weekly Q&A sessions and hot seats

PLUS Special BONUS Libraries!!!

Magic and Miracles Logo

🌟 LIFETIME ACCESS to Magic & Miracles Library ($497 VALUE)

💫 Containing 111 channelled messages with either a meditation, ritual, or creative experiment (37 each) you can easily incorporate into your day

Creatrix Mastery Logo

🌟 LIFETIME ACCESS to The Creatrix Mastery Library ($2,397 VALUE)

💫 Containing over a dozen videos, audios, & PDFs of practical and spiritual teachings to support your body, mind, and spirit as you trust your intuition and expand your co-creation with the Universe

Holy Business Logo-Platinum-with-tagline

🌟 LIFETIME ACCESS to The HOLY BUSINESS Platinum Library ($35,979 VALUE)

💫 Containing over 30 videos with everything you need to create, market, and sell high-end offers 

TOTAL VALUE: $51,368

Go VIP and receive all of the above PLUS:

🌟 60 minutes 1;1 consultation each month

🌟 Weekly recorded channeled message

🌟 Access to Adriana via WhatsApp or FB messenger

Rich Witch, Divine  Channel, and serial entrepreneur.

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the creator of AMA Publishing. She has worked with over 1000 women in 36 countries and has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted to Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She’s the author of four books including the International Bestselling Book, She Made It Happen. She is Rich Witch, Divine Channel, and passionate about creating platforms for powerful women to share their story and create a business they love. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Derek and sons, Sam and Grant.