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Our Mission & How We Work

I have a deep appreciation for men—I have the best father ever, I am married to the best man on the planet, and am the mother of two strong little boys.

When I was recently asked if I would change my model and branding to include men, I had to pause and ask myself, why do I only serve women?

Truth be told, I only had two female clients for the first seven years of business; men were our clientele.

This all changed when I had two babies in twelve months. The men moved on and the women moved in. This was not a decision on my part, it just happened.

No one knows what it means to be a woman and mother in business like another woman and mother. I did calls holding babies; I ran meetings with little ones at my feet, and now if everyone doesn’t meet my son Grant during a call, it’s a miracle.

I didn’t apologize for it—I still don’t. In fact, I said, this is what it looks like and it doesn’t make us any less qualified.

My children helped me find my fire and my deep internal roar. They showed me where I was wasting time and thinking small.

So after looking inside my heart, I realized I am passionate about creating 10,000 female-owned publishing houses by 2027 because most of the ones that exist don’t celebrate and honor women and mothers in leadership roles.

They see children and pregnancy as a disability. Women chose me and now it’s easy for me to choose them.

I am honored to train and support women.

I am blessed to work around my children.

And when it’s all said and done, I want mothers to remember that I understood them and championed their dreams.

The next generation is watching, and backing mothers is no longer special; it’s non-negotiable.

How I Live and Work

Nina visits me at 3 am almost every day. She is the Ascended Master who has taken me on in this life. She is also the soul I hosted in my womb for 38 weeks, and when I asked her why that was necessary she said, “So you would know how real the other side is.” In that moment, I stopped beating myself up, I stopped questioning, I really got it.

What do we do in the early morning, you might wonder. 

Her presence is so powerful and it leads to me calling back all my power.  I gather all the parts of myself and I acknowledge the God-ness that is me. 

From this space, I connect to my other key Guides, Iris, Grandma, and Mother Mary, and then to my Angels and Ancestors that are with me on this property. To the animals, trees, flowers, grass, soil and sky. 

Then I connect to Derek’s soul and send him love for being here with me, for supporting the evolution of my soul, and for assisting me in completing my soul’s mission. I do the same with the boys and my parents.

And then I send my love and attention out to the Universe.

I connect to my Soul family and to every soul I came here to co-create with in any capacity. I remind myself and all beings of how we agreed to support each other in this life.

I commit to them that I will shine my light and use my voice and connect energetically every day so we can easily find one another and remember who we are here to be. I send them courage and love as I invite them to step closer. 

And then I direct all my attention to my heart and body. I breathe in the love and support of the Universe. I acknowledge my higher self—the one that has perspective and wisdom beyond the here and now. 

I give my Unseen team permission to assist me in my day. I feel all the good that is present in my body, my family, my life. I sense all the good in the world and I see it multiply. I lay in silence, knowing all is well. Life supports me. I am present. I am ready for this beautiful day. I am open to receiving everything the Universe has for me.

* * *

However this book has landed in your hands, it is not by coincidence. 

I could have never imagined I would own a publishing company, much less be showing women from around the world how to start their own. 

I was sitting in a moment of utter frustration, feeling constrained and as if someone had clipped my wings. I sat in my grandma’s chair and asked her and Nina to help me.

What can I do to be BIGGER than what’s happening outside of me? And like the first time my angel baby Nina spoke to me, it was a lightning bolt moment. 

So loud.

So clear.

So real.

It coursed through my body and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, this was it!

I am one person, but if hundreds of women—thousands of women create—opportunities through books, VOICES WILL BE HEARD. 

Now it’s all I think about. I eat, drink, and breathe this. Who is the next woman being called to start a publishing house? Every morning I ask for them to raise their hand and act. I’ve been given the structure, the support team, and the ideas to make it as big as they can imagine it.

We can’t afford to ask:

Why me?

Am I qualified enough?

Am I good enough?

What if?

It’s time we say I AM HERE.

Ready, willing, and able. 

Before I go into why female-owned publishing houses matter or how to jump into this industry, let me start with what we stand for at AMA Publishing. 

We Believe in Success by Association

Who we associate with matters. Who we create alliances with makes the difference. When you align with us, you align with success, and the community you gain access to will offer collaborations of the highest level—networking with other leading women is not only allowed, but also encouraged in our circle. 

We Believe in Being the Right Person

Many programs focus on doing the right things at the right time. However, we believe in being the right person first. Taking action is non-negotiable and what matters most is who we are while taking that action. We encourage our students to do the work that no one sees, connecting to the highest part of themselves and showing up as the most fully expressed women they can be. No one is really buying what we sell; they are buying into our presence, our energy, and our values. Figuring this out first will make everything else feel effortless. 

We Believe in Leading the Way

Being congruent with what we teach, who we are, and what we do is key. We continuously provide opportunities for our students to practice using their voice, being visible, and expanding their reach. We know that leading means going first and never asking our clients to do more than we are willing to do. Becoming a better leader day by day is our calling, duty, and honor.

We Believe in Being Bold

Walking on eggshells and hiding in the back row is not who we are. We believe in turning it up so that the world knows with absolute certainty who we are and what we are here to do. Being a mousy, humble, doormat of a woman is not what we are here to perpetuate. There is no such thing as being too much in our world. We long to link arms with women who are loud and proud of what they are passionate about. 

We Believe in Leaving a Legacy

What our children and grandchildren receive as a result of our efforts is valuable to us. We are here to leave not only a financial blessing but a literary footprint for those who come after us. Our children’s children will know what we did with this precious life and it will empower them to live out their soul’s calling to the fullest extent. 

You might be wondering what kind of women start their own publishing company. 

The fun part is that our clients are incredibly diverse and from around the world. The list includes birth and parenting experts, former corporate professionals who have worked with Fortune 500 companies, spiritual leaders, healers and shamans, holistic health coaches, practitioners, yoga instructors, retreat facilitators, business consultants, book coaches, editors and ghost-writers, finance professionals, VA and web development agency owners, and ministers to name a few. 

Why these women start their publishing company is also varied but amplifying voices is one of their core values. They also desire to elevate their business. For example, being a business coach is one thing, adding a publishing division that creates opportunities to become a bestselling author is another. Our students think bigger and know what their audiences desire and are ready to step up and provide it. 

Why they choose to go through our certification process is simple: they want to access a structured, proven system and the community that comes along with it.

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Success Stories

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My name is Colleen Reagan Noon, and I started my publishing house, Wise Women Book Collective, in 2020. Before starting my publishing business, I was a birth and parenting educator. I helped empower parents to evolve into their higher selves. By processing their traumas and thought patterns, parents can then step into their roles in a more profound way that radiates through the family. One of the best ways that I have found to help people process trauma, big and little, and create new thought patterns is through writing. It was an obvious transition for me to move into book publishing as this is such an amazing platform for personal transformation on different levels.

I didn’t have a vast network when I opened my publishing house. In essence, I felt as if I was starting from zero. My previous clients weren’t the target clients for this business, which put me in a place where I had to call in the right people. Targeted reach outs through LinkedIn ended up being the route to success for my first book. The books that followed were filled easily through referrals from the authors in my first book. All I needed was the effort to push that first domino, and then the rest have fallen beautifully to create a business that will undoubtedly bring in over $100k in my first year.

I never thought of myself as ever being a CEO but a stay-at-home mom with a business on the side. When my business up-leveled, it up-leveled me as well. I still had one of my children home full time, but my thoughts, actions, and what I spent my time doing all changed. My business pulled me up to a place where I had no choice but to hire a bookkeeper, an email list manager, someone to do my website, and others. I was no longer doing it all, and I had the capital to make it all work. I enjoy holding the reins to my business. It goes where I lead it, and there is no limit to what I can do or what I can earn. It’s a freedom unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

I was attracted to this opportunity right away. Something deep inside me saw the potential for working with people in a way I loved while also providing a better income for my family. I followed my heart, and it led me to a place that I could never have imagined. It’s a place that I have always been destined to be.

Hi! I’m Kayleigh O’Keefe, and I am the founder of Soul Excellence Publishing, the publishing house for courageous, conscious leaders. 

We work exclusively with executives and entrepreneurs who want to share their stories of personal transformation, but don’t have the time to write a full book or manage the intricacies of self-publishing. 

I believe that information is everywhere, but wisdom is scarce. 

I founded the company in September 2020 after a 13-year career in corporate America. My background includes over eight years as a management research consultant where I worked with Fortune 500 executives in the sales, marketing, and communications space. I also spent nearly four years in early-stage technology companies in San Francisco, where I built out new product lines and commercial teams as we scaled. There’s nothing like sensing a need, rallying a team behind a solution, and taking daily aligned action to achieve something monumental!

I had also experienced the joy of becoming a bestselling author in the book Awakening in Spring of 2020, and it opened my eyes to achieving my dreams in collaboration with others. I had always wanted to write a book, and it was amazing to me that I could accomplish this by writing a chapter, aligning with a great topic, and supporting other women in the process. It helped me to experience what I would soon offer other executives out there who were tired of going it alone or “doing it all by themselves.”

Why Soul Excellence Publishing Now

From a young age, I’ve always enjoyed reading, writing, speaking, and immersing myself in the world of ideas. In eighth grade, I loved broadcasting local and school sports scores on the morning TV announcements! Later, I would go on to be the speaker at my undergraduate and business school commencements. Expressing my ideas and energizing others have always been important to me. When the concept of Soul Excellence Leadership came into my awareness, I knew that I wanted to create a new platform for leaders to come together to write, express, and share ideas. 

I felt even more called to start my publishing company in 2020 when I saw how much online censorship is happening and how narrow the bounds of free speech and expression have become in a narrative-driven and social-media-influenced world. It is my mission to enable more people to live joyously, which I believe can only happen when we all feel free to share our ideas, opinions, and perspectives and also have the mental and emotional intelligence to discern the truth. 

LinkedIn and Virtual Leadership Summits

Our authors are primarily business executives, and they live on LinkedIn where their professional reputation lives. To recruit for our first book, Leading Through the Pandemic: Unconventional Wisdom from Heartfelt Leaders, I used LinkedIn Sales Navigator to send connection requests to leaders above the VP level in a variety of geographies. Once they accepted my request, I asked if they wanted to participate in the book. I then had them fill out a simple application form to see if they were a strong fit for the project. 

To fill our second multi-author book, I used a similar technique, and we also benefited from holding our leadership summit for Leading Through the Pandemic on Facebook. During the Summit where I interviewed the authors, I put out the invitation to participants to apply for our next book, Significant Women. It was extremely powerful for potential authors to hear how transformative the experience working with me and my team had been from the current authors. 

Becoming a CEO

I’ve grown tremendously since founding my company. I had never been an entrepreneur before launching Soul Excellence Publishing. It’s one thing to advise executives as a consultant and partner with a CEO to build a company and it’s a whole different thing to commit to yourself and your vision as the CEO of your own company. Founding Soul Excellence Publishing gave me confidence that my decision to leave corporate and chart my own course was right for me.

We’re Just Getting Started

My publishing company generated over $75k in our first six months. Just as important, we’ve helped over 45 executives become international bestselling authors, which has helped them to increase their visibility, expand their financial and career opportunities, and connect with new networks around the world. 

I am Brigid Holder, the CEO and founder of The Art of Grace Publishing House and director of a successful traditional business all based in our small rural town in Cootamundra, NSW, Australia. My corporate background saw me lead companies from 450 to over 4000 clients and from $100K turnover to over $1M, with the support of teams that I created. The publishing company saw me finally find my passion in life – sharing women’s stories to impact the lives of others. 

Starting the publishing company was as if I was sent a gift from the gods! I had previously contributed to two multi-author books and was set to do more. When the opportunity arose, I grabbed it with both hands and it was as a complete and embodied YES to this new venture. 

I love enrolling women into my books and programs via video, both live and recorded. Facebook is where I do 99% of my marketing, with a small portion via my website. I’m not fond of email, but I am getting used to the idea—it is part of the plan moving forward. 

Growth has been exponential for me, finding that my zone of genius is in bringing women together into a community, creating a safe container for which they can expand, holding them as they launch into the world, and finding collaboration beyond a book. I also found growth in delegation with online contractors. Not holding control within a traditional bricks-and-mortar office was strange at first but now seems so normal and efficient! I also grew in acceptance of who I am, got more comfortable with me, showed up more as myself. In turn, this has attracted the right women for me to work with. However, my greatest growth has been in going from seeing life with limits to seeing it is now unlimited as to what I can achieve and that I can do it how it suits me!

Numbers, I love numbers…. 

When I began my journey as a publisher I had little to no idea of the impact of visibility and this is one of the main things I have seen change in a short amount of time. 

2400 odd friends online, this grew to 5000 very quickly—having to cull regularly

420 followers to over 900—who regularly comment and give me support

28 women in my first multi-author book gathered over the Christmas holidays

7 women in the solo book group program

3 solo book deals have been sealed

25 women will join me in the motherhood book

25 more successful women will join the next book

8 multi-author books will be published by The Art of Grace Publishing House 

We are well on our way to achieve our mission to share the stories of at least 180 women this calendar year, and on track to burst through the $150k turnover that I set to achieve in year one of business. 

For me, publishing is not just about books; it’s about the art of writing and the Grace in which we can deliver this to the world are the gifts to both the writer and the readers. 

I decided to open up my publishing company in September 2020. Even though I was already running a successful business as a business strategist for online entrepreneurs, I founded Ashwin Publishing because I desired to provide a platform for my clients to share their (oftentimes disruptive and controversial) messages on the global stage. I had experienced firsthand the impact that censorship can have on a business and realized that we cannot rely on traditional social media marketing to grow our businesses and find our tribe. I had also co-authored two multi-author book projects with Adriana who had supported me to finally crack the six-figure ceiling I’d been aiming at for so long.

Establishing a publishing company was such a no-brainer for me.

Since September, I have launched two multi-author books, am marketing the third one, and have just begun working with a client on solo book publishing, bringing in a total of $80k in revenue into the front end of my business.

I’ve experimented with many different marketing methods. The strategies that have helped me sell out my books include a combination of written content, live video, and referrals. This magic strategy combination has had me sell out books quickly and joyfully.

This has been such a powerful addition to my business and I have grown in many ways since becoming the CEO of Ashwin Publishing. I’ve attracted over 70 new clients into my sales vortex—many of whom have gone on to invest in my private and group coaching programs.

I have stepped into a new state of professionalism and feel that I can command a more potent energy of authority. I’ve been able to combine my experience with business strategy and marketing to help my clients achieve fantastic results through participating in my books. As a result, they have consistently referred new authors to me which has helped me fill upcoming books with ease.

The opportunity to create Krystal Hille Publishing came at a time when my existing events business was forced to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

I was in and out of planes, flying across Australia to facilitate tantric temple nights, connecting participants deeply with their bodies, their truth, self-love, bliss, and others authentically. 

Working as a tantric facilitator had been the natural next step in my ten-year coaching practice where I had primarily worked with women to awaken their feminine essence. Now it was time to enable my clients to step into a deeper sense of embodiment and inner union.

To step up my business, I had just rebranded my company to work with conscious leaders because I knew that to make a big impact on the advancement of humanity, I had to guide leaders into their highest potential. 

When publishing presented, a 30-year life circle was completed. At 17, I was the editor of my school magazine, went on to study English Literature, and then brought the stories of literature alive on stage as a theatre director. Next, I was ready to guide clients to transform their life stories from mediocre to magnificent. With publishing, I hold space for leaders to tap into the transformative power of their stories to inspire readers to see their lives through the eyes of another. I guide my contributors to expand into the next level of their leadership and impact.

I’ve become aware that I am here to assist humanity’s to transition into a new era. This is the time of collective leadership and connecting with other leaders, aligned with the same mission. Creating books became the vehicle for us all to unite. 

Krystal Hille Publishing’s mission is to awaken and empower humanity into deeper connection and sovereignty through the power of stories and the embodied wisdom of visionaries, way-showers, and successful leaders.

The power of connection and collaboration became my absolute favorite way to share the opportunity to join my books, where I am offering solutions to a visibility problem. 

I went through the many online summits I had been a part of over the last five years and approached my peers who had spoken alongside me. I contacted them directly and as we had something in common, I had instant credibility, even though I had never published a book. 

My second favorite marketing tool is creating relationships with powerhouse referrers—those who are mentoring ideal clients for my books. By paying a referral fee, it became a nice incentive for my peers to also reach out to their colleagues and clients. Within six weeks, the first book was sold out.

Yes, there were challenges. The universe made sure I had many growing opportunities to become the best CEO of my publishing house I could be. In the past, I had experienced a perennial limit of eight participants in any group program I held. This time, I made a promise to find 25, and I had to keep that promise, no matter what. 

My first book was called ‘Fearless Presence’. Now I had to stand in my fearless presence if I was going to get the remaining contributors into that book. I made a list of all the things I was scared of and much surfaced to be embraced and transmuted around legal threats, court costs, and health. The minute I was at peace with all worst-case scenarios, the flood gates opened and the remaining contributors joined. 

At the time of writing, the chapters for my first book are flooding in, and my second book, COLLABORATION: How to Release the Paradigm of Competition’ has been conceived. 

Prior to starting my own publishing company, I had zero—and I repeat, zero—experience in the publishing industry. My prior experience was in sales, advertising, coaching, podcasting, and healing.

My background probably sounds a lot like the typical entrepreneur—non-linear and quite a meandering journey. After graduating from college with a Digital Communications and Organizational Leadership degree, I began working in advertising sales for Yelp. Realizing quite quickly that was not the path for me, I quit my job, traveled to Europe, and studied Yoga and Ayurveda in Ibiza, Spain. During that time, I began to reflect on my Lymes disease journey starting at age 15. When I was younger, I felt so frustrated—sick of endless rounds of antibiotics which never got to the root of the illness and felt unheard by the doctors who were meant to help me. I knew that experience was a clue to my mission and I wanted to make sure all voices were heard. 

When I returned home from Europe, I began teaching yoga and became a certified holistic health coach. Over those years, I worked with autistic young adults, healers, veterans, alcoholics, children and the message again became very clear to me: I was here to hear people’s stories and remind them that they are never alone. As my work began to transition into serving female entrepreneurs - the message remained, just in a different way. I started to help successful female entrepreneurs find their voice, craft their message and use it strategically to become more visible online. To this day, my experience has seamlessly, albeit not always easily, paved the way for my work in the world now and taught me I was ready to start a publishing company.

The decision to start a publishing house was one of the easiest decisions for me. Business-wise, my mission was rock-solid. I was here to amplify the voices of powerful leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs. At this time, I already had a podcast, The Gathering MVMT, where I interviewed these leaders who were here to make a difference in the world. In addition, my coaching business was growing rapidly. I had just pivoted my focus to be on successful, spiritual female entrepreneurs who wanted to master the art of live video, public speaking and refine their message for upcoming launches. The dots were already connecting. When the publishing company opportunity was presented to me, I thought “holy crow, this is the missing piece of my puzzle”.

My favorite way to sell spots in my book is through live video. It is the most natural way, in my opinion, to truly and deeply connect with my community. Live video allows someone to know me, see me, hear me, and most importantly from a marketing perspective, trust me. I create one incredible live video and send all book applicants to my live video. In addition, I create more videos throughout the launch process to teach on things like how to monetize their book, why networking is the new advertising, and how writing a book helps you get booked on podcasts.

I feel like an entirely new woman since opening my publishing company. I am 27 years old, hiring a team of experts to help me facilitate, organize, edit, publish and format my books. My vision for my business and the direction I want this business to go in could not be more clear. Monetarily, I am earning more than I was in the past, so I have the foundation to truly scale and grow now. Most importantly, I am a woman with a plan now. I have made more than $25k in my publishing business.

I am Leanne Clune, CEO of Leanne Clune and Co and Clune & Co Publishing. I have run a successful finance company for the last 16 years, saving hundreds of clients millions of dollars collectively.

My soul mission is to increase the cashflow of the leading visionary entrepreneurs in this world. This enables them to invest more in themselves and their business, expand their reach and income and lift more people with them. It creates a beautiful, high-frequency ripple effect.

In mid-2020, I committed to writing in a multi-author book for the first time. This was one of the best business decisions I have ever made. My business revenue tripled as a direct result of the exponential marketing of the book. A few months later, every cell in my body said yes to adding a publishing arm to my finance business.

Before I contributed to a bestselling book, I didn't think my stories would be interesting to many people. I actually thought my life was quite 'normal'. Interestingly, I can always see my client's story's so clearly. I would often tell my clients they need to write a book. Working with clients on a deep financial level leaves no room for secrets!

Once I started brainstorming for my story, it was like opening the flood gates. I had hundreds of stories to tell and I was ready to tell them. This became my favorite marketing tool for my book, Radiante - Visionary Women Igniting the Light in Others. I told my stories on social media in lives and written form.

I explained my vision for my book and clearly articulated the types of women I was looking for. I magnetically attracted the ones that resonated with my vision. It took some time to start the momentum. I was still embodying my new role as CEO of my own publishing company.

What the heck! I never thought I would own a publishing house!

Personally, since taking on this publishing company, I cannot recognize my old self. The transformations were rapid and ongoing. Initially, they were painful and I had to give my body time to integrate them. My whole body was re-wiring to manage the new frequency required to do this. During this process, I also transitioned a huge component of my business to online. It required massive learning and upskilling. I had always worked in a more traditional method but the need to transition had been calling for years.

Establishing a publishing company has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my business. I have established strong connections with leading businesswomen from all over the globe. I am so proud of what I have created and it is only the beginning.

I went to university and got a Bachelor of Criminology. Whilst I was studying, I got a job in the railway as an operations support officer. I spent five years in the railway, moving up the corporate ladder and adding to my skillset of logistics, systems and procedures, people management, and conflict resolution. Turns out a corporate career like that did not fit who I was and I burnt out spectacularly. I got a part-time job doing the rostering in a not-for-profit but was made redundant a week before I found out I was pregnant. Tired of being at the mercy of heartless corporations I decided to start my own business as a virtual assistant. I quickly scaled that business up to a virtual assistance and web development agency. I then added a business coaching element to my business. After I had booked my calendar solid with 1:1 coaching clients, I began to look at other ways to scale my business and my income.

I decided to start my own publishing house as it just made sense to me. Here was a proven method of making money that would fit seamlessly in with my other business elements. I have always been a lover of books and being able to work with them for a living. . . well sign me up! I also experienced first-hand the power of a book when used as a strategic marketing tool for business. I also realized that I had a natural talent for distilling stories into potent marketing tools and teaching high-level coaches how to grow their business on autopilot. Starting my own publishing house is the best decision I have made for my business to date, both personally and professionally. I have never been happier in my business and am making more money, more easily than ever before.

Favorite method for selling spots in my book

My favorite method for selling spots in my multi-author book projects is a lead generation campaign that I developed, which can be outsourced to a virtual assistant and takes very little of my time. It works a little something like this: 

Know your ideal client

Choose a social media platform such as LinkedIn

Find your ideal clients using the search tool

Reach out to them and schedule a call to tell them more about the project

I hear lots of no’s, but I also hear lots of yes’s.

The biggest way I have grown since becoming the CEO of my publishing house

I have grown in so many ways since saying yes to becoming the CEO of my own publishing house but if I had to pick one I would say it is my self-confidence. I finally feel like I have found my spot in the world. I was making money before, lots of it, but something always felt like it was missing. I don’t feel that way anymore. I wake up every day inspired and on purpose. I have so much more energy for life and I adore what I do and the people I get to do it with. Since starting my publishing house, I have made $50k+.

My name is Annette Maria Szproch and I’m the founder of Sanctuary Publishing. Prior to birthing Sanctuary Publishing, I was in healing and coaching work from yoga teaching, massaging to embodiment coaching. Alongside my publishing house, I facilitate deep healing work through Purpose Embodiment Coaching where I support women to connect to their Feminine essence and find safety within themselves to expand to live out their soul’s purpose. 

Writing and storytelling is a healing process in itself which is why I decided to infuse Sanctuary Publishing into my business. Sanctuary Publishing was founded on allowing individuals to feel wildly expressed in who they are while living out their purpose. I support soulpreneurs through multi-author and solo-author books to create a deep impact and increase their income.

I started my publishing house in March 2021 and within one month, I have made $20k+. In one month, I created more income than my business has ever seen and the possibilities truly feel like they have opened up for me for greater abundance! The way I connected and sold spots within my books was through cold messaging and referrals. I love sincere connection and that is how I treated my cold outreach, as a genuine invitation to the human on the other side.

Through becoming a CEO of Sanctuary Publishing, I have stepped into a role of leadership I have been deeply yearning for. It has allowed me to own the powerful woman that I truly am through managing a team and creating sacred experiences for others. It has also taken the pressure off my healing work and allowed it to have space to breathe rather than pressure to fill my healing schedule.

The opportunity to start a publishing house came at the perfect time and I’m so grateful that I took the leap into making this happen for myself. Through stepping into this, I truly feel anything is possible for my business.

My journey has been a circuitous one. For 43 years, I was in ministry in the United Methodist Church, where I served churches for some of those years. For 17 of those years, I was an associate professor in Geriatrics at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. I developed curriculum and trained health providers on how to deal with their aging patients and clients. I am an International Coaching Federation certified coach, and I am certified in Conflict Resolution. I have worked with numerous groups and individuals helping them learn how to address difficult situations both personally and professionally.

I have coached for several years in the areas of personal and leadership development, conflict resolution, communication skills and techniques, and the role of spirituality in personal and professional lives. My niche is professional women. I inspire them to stand up and stand out in their career so they gain visibility, are heard and see an increase in their income and in promotions.

When I received the opportunity to start a publishing house, I realized that this was an excellent means by which I could reach large numbers of women with stories by other women and myself. This goes hand in hand with my coaching business. There was one drawback: while I love books, I knew nothing about publishing! That is where Adriana Monique Alvarez and her training came in. I learned what I needed to know to put together multi-author and solo books and make them bestsellers. 

This has been an amazing journey! I can’t begin to explain the huge learning curve I had to go through. I had never done anything like this before. To be totally honest, it was frustrating at times and I wasn’t always sure I would make it. However, I was very determined, and giving up was not an option. While it was hard for me at times it was well worth the effort. What a fabulous ride it was!! And it actually became fun! 

My first book, ASPIRE: Women Finding Their Purpose, will launch on April 30, 2021. My second multi-author book, INVISIBLE NO MORE: From the Darkness of Discrimination to the Light of Success, Women Speak Out, is in the gathering of authors phase. I am looking for women who have experienced some type of bias/discrimination but have worked through it to become successful and are ready to tell their stories to help other women do the same. For those interested, more information is given below.

I have grown tremendously since starting my publishing company. I have taken on a stronger leadership role. I am more confident in my leadership abilities and far more willing to put myself out there. I love the women I am meeting and the stories they have to tell. I have ventured way out of my comfort zone. In my career(s) for 43 years, I didn’t have to really ‘market’ myself. This was totally new. But I learned and earned over $20k in the process.

Some ask why I didn’t just retire and do whatever I wanted. Because I believe I am not done yet. I have a burning fire in my belly to help women rise to their greatness. My dream is to start a movement where women rise and enable others to rise, and on and on…. The time for women to fulfill their purposes and be all they were created to be is now. NOW is our time. And I want to help make that happen. Publishing books through my own company will help me achieve that. 

After contributing several chapters to multi-author books, I found the process of writing my story to be a cathartic and healing experience with the potential of creating profound change. As leaders and influencers, we’re driven to do our part to elevate the vibration of the entire planet. We know that it is our birthright to thrive in a reality of freedom in every aspect of our lives. I ’m here to show my proteges that their true path means no more giving away their power, no more believing that they are small and helpless. You have the power to take charge of your life, understand your reincarnation and fulfilling your responsibility to the collective awakening. My publishing houses provides the support people need to step up to the plate and tell their story.  

The bulk of my contributors have come from my existing audience and clientele who are entrepreneurs primed to take advantage of the networking and business opportunities available to those who contribute to a multi-author book. I have modeled for them what is possible when you leverage your voice, and they are eager to tap into the healing potential of telling their story to a global audience. Nothing makes me prouder than when my contributors show up with courage to own their past including the wounds and glory, so they can authentically tell their full story. 

What started off as a one-woman show has turned into a team spanning the globe. The House of Sovereignty multiplex enterprise is committed to changing lives through exponentially expanding and strengthening my community of spiritual rebels through the various arms of my business. Since adding the publishing arm to my business, I gained significant momentum in evolving my branding, business offerings, revenue, and global impact.  This exposure has helped me to become an even bigger authority in my field of expertise. My first publishing house has developed into a full-fledged media wing that houses both UNFUCK Publishing and the Publishing House of Sovereignty which continue to enjoy rapid growth and expansion. I am creating a global empire with far reaching impact and influence.  

I’m Jessica Verrill and I founded House of Indigo, a publishing house, in February 2021. My previous focus was as an intuitive and energy coach. I worked with clients through an energetic and mindset lens to develop their connection to themselves, release anything holding them back and to utilize that power in their lives and businesses. The processes would typically lead to more depth, gratitude and enjoyment within all aspects of life. While my work was extremely rewarding, it felt limiting in the amount of impact and those I could serve with the one-to-one or small group model. I also knew that my expertise was incredibly transformative for many, but not for all. The ability to amplify the voices of other incredible purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses through publishing has allowed me and all of my authors the ability to massively expand our impact. 

When I branched out with House of Indigo, I had taken a huge leap of faith and felt an alignment with my work at a level I had yet to experience. The glimpses of future timelines I had viewed all began to make sense, and I went all in. I felt behind the mark sometimes; I didn’t have an email list of thousands to fall back upon, a fancy funnel system or even a website that properly represented me. I did have focus, determination and divine support when I committed to my first multi-authored book collaboration. Even with no sales the first two months of the year, I am on track to have my first six-figure year and will be scaling to multiple six figures for 2022.

I have always loved books, reading, writing and helping people and now I get to combine all of these! This work has pushed me to levels of myself and as a leader incredibly quickly. I went from unpredictable income and client loads to 5 figure months within weeks, hired more support staff, and have a level of fulfillment that is ever growing. It’s like I finally found the right path on the map of life and am happily planning out future events, projects and aspects, all while creating my own hours and spending time with my family.

I’m Jessica Verrill and I founded House of Indigo, a publishing house, in February 2021. My previous focus was as an intuitive and energy coach. I worked with clients through an energetic and mindset lens to develop their connection to themselves, release anything holding them back and to utilize that power in their lives and businesses. The processes would typically lead to more depth, gratitude and enjoyment within all aspects of life. While my work was extremely rewarding, it felt limiting in the amount of impact and those I could serve with the one-to-one or small group model. I also knew that my expertise was incredibly transformative for many, but not for all. The ability to amplify the voices of other incredible purpose-driven entrepreneurs and businesses through publishing has allowed me and all of my authors the ability to massively expand our impact. 

When I branched out with House of Indigo, I had taken a huge leap of faith and felt an alignment with my work at a level I had yet to experience. The glimpses of future timelines I had viewed all began to make sense, and I went all in. I felt behind the mark sometimes; I didn’t have an email list of thousands to fall back upon, a fancy funnel system or even a website that properly represented me. I did have focus, determination and divine support when I committed to my first multi-authored book collaboration. Even with no sales the first two months of the year, I am on track to have my first six-figure year and will be scaling to multiple six figures for 2022.

I have always loved books, reading, writing and helping people and now I get to combine all of these! This work has pushed me to levels of myself and as a leader incredibly quickly. I went from unpredictable income and client loads to 5 figure months within weeks, hired more support staff, and have a level of fulfillment that is ever growing. It’s like I finally found the right path on the map of life and am happily planning out future events, projects and aspects, all while creating my own hours and spending time with my family.

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the CEO and Founder of AMA Publishing, where she teaches women how to start highly profitable publishing companies. She's an international bestselling author and has been seen in Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She is the author of "HOW TO START A SIX FIGURE PUBLISHING COMPANY," which is available to buy on Amazon. She is a USA Today bestselling author and her most recent book, "THE YOUNGER SELF LETTERS" debuted #1 on bestseller lists internationally. 

She mentors high-level coaches, consultants, and service providers on how to start their own high-earning, global-impact publishing houses. She is on a mission to create 10,000 female-owned publishing companies globally by 2027, so women's voices are heard - without censorship or gatekeepers.

She is currently living in the middle of nowhere Colorado where she is renovating her grandparents' home and learning how to homestead with her husband, Derek, and two sons, Sam and Grant.

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"USA Today bestselling author and business consultant Adriana Monique Alvarez is transforming the book publishing industry into a place where female entrepreneurs can claim their stake." - Forbes

"Adriana is the master of the multi-author book and her titles speak to mothers, survivors, soul travelers, and those seeking deeper meaning in their lives. While the men who have traditionally run publishing are following formulas that have always worked for them, Adriana is leading a revolution in publishing right under their noses." - Grit Daily

"She has established herself as one of the world’s most successful business coaches, sharing her experience to create a community of authors, boutique publishers, coaching gurus, and business leaders. She works almost exclusively with women to overcome the barriers that have held them back for too long." - America Daily Post

"USA Today best-selling author Adriana Monique Alvarez is producing top authors while helping them build their own publishing house from the ground up." - London Daily Post

"Commanding an empire of female publishing magnates-in-the-making, Adriana Monique Alvarez is a woman who wears her determination like a badge. But don’t be fooled, beneath the endless optimism is a woman who doesn’t hide her scars and encourages other women to do the same." - Influencive