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Are You Ready To Create ONE BURNING Desire In The Next 90 Days?

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Client Love

"I owe so much to your BELIEF and SUPPORT...


When I think about how much has changed since we started working is mind boggling. I am a pretty positive person that believes in her abilities, but I must admit that I didn't believe I could do EXACTLY what I love successfully. You proved me wrong and I thank you every day for that."

- Tigrilla Gardenia

"My personal growth has been EXPONENTIAL...


Your unique way is geared to women and is very spiritual and self reflective. It's about being authentically me! I have found myself exploring my thoughts, really understanding what it is that I do, what I offer, and trusting myself. I feel like I'm becoming WHOLE. I am growing and enjoying the process."

- Ellie Thompson

"My big, scary desire came to me in a flash...

Tori Bravery

as I was loading the dishwasher. I know 100% I called for you. Since starting the work with you, I can feel the Universe’s warm embrace and my path beginning to take shape. I feel fear at the concept of what I want to achieve and then I remind myself that you, the other Wild Women and the Universe are all on my side."

- Tori Bravery

Creatrix Intensive-white

My Goal Is To Get You In Your Body So You Remember How To Create Every Desire

The 90 Day Creatrix Intensive Will Help You:

✨ Identify and Operate in Your Gifts

✨ Connect to Your Spiritual Team

✨ Access Your Capacity to Create

✨ Write & Speak Your Desires Into Your Physical Reality

"Since deciding to hire Monique as my coach to get my business going, my business has grown. The unexpected has also happened, my personal growth has been exponential.

Her unique way is geared to women and is very spiritual and self reflective. It's not all about the numbers, although those are there, it's about being authentically you! I have found myself exploring my thoughts, really understanding what it is that I do, what I offer, and trusting myself. I feel like I'm becoming whole. I am growing and enjoying the process and that is what Monique and her team have shown me that is the most important part." - Ellie Thompson

"I woke up today and boom! I had my target market identified. Who I want to serve! Wow! It just came to me like lightening today. I am excited to share with you when we get to talk! I have been agonizing over this a bit, trying to figure out what I have to offer and why and to whom.

I am SO grateful to you! You have helped me to realize that I do have something to offer, and you are guiding me to have the confidence to go after my dreams. You inspire me to imagine the possibilities and there is a little fire burning that tells me my dreams are possible. You are teaching me that I can overcome hang-ups, old baggage and hurt, and be in the present with who I am NOW. Words cannot express my gratitude for you coming into my life. I told you before, that I was led to you and that is 100% true. Thank you thank you thank you for being who you are and for sharing with me!!" - Sunny Smith

"Working with Monique has been a game changer for me. The biggest benefit for me is the expansive support community, made up of women of all ages, in all lines of work. Everyone is helping each other and cheering each other on. 

I’ve spent years going it alone in business and now have guidance and encouragement that helps me expand. Anytime I feel stuck I can reach out to the group and get some feedback or resources that help me move forward. I’ve collaborated with other group members on projects, and now have a rolodex full of editors, tech specialists, mind/body experts and more at my fingertips. " - Kerri Miller

"In less than four months working with Monique, I have been able to accelerate my business plan and embark on projects I thought would be a year or more away. I am making more 125% more money, and having 1000% more fun in the process, too!

I have never made a better investment in my business than when I decided to work with Monique Alvarez! The sooner you join us, the sooner you and your business can take advantage of all the excellence that the synergy of this group provides. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!!!" - Karen Ricks

"I have only been working with Monique for two months and already grown so close to the other group members. The bond and encouragement in this group is unparalleled and something that I have been secretly craving for since starting out as an online entrepreneur. With Monique + her team you never have a dull moment - I admire their tempo and ability to keep us connected, focused while having a ***load of fun and laughter. For me this is the perfect combo of masculine action and feminine allowing + receiving, grounded and spiritual in approach so that my needs and wants and ticks as a healer are met.

Highly recommended!!" - Angelique von Loebbecke

"I signed up with Monique and her team after their networking intensive. I knew immediately that the energy was right for me. I've done all my head sh*t stuff, and I needed to some straight talking strategy that would see me taking action directly related to increasing my income. That's exactly what I've got. Of course, there is always support and guidance but as a "straight talker, action taker" myself, I needed someone who would give me the same back....

The other ladies in the group provide not only great support, but the opportunity for amazing networking opportunities and that's another aspect
I love. That everyone wants to help each other to grow.

If you want to join a group of women hungry to succeed and with leaders who effortlessly merge energy and leadership, then this is the group for you." - Louise Cartwright

"From the very first session in Monique's group I knew that Monique was the real deal, a natural leader – and that she does not mess around! Her understanding of how to support you and the group every step of the way with growing your business is remarkable and something I’ve never seen in a group program — or business for that matter!

In 3 months working with Monique, it helped me to create greater consistency with my marketing and visibility… My list doubled, and I created and launched a program! I’m also currently working on a second launch (month 4)!

Seriously… Do yourself a favor and save yourself months or years of spinning your wheels and just sign up already!" - Jacqueline Rimmer

"I started working with Monique two months after leaving my full time position. Before becoming a full time consultant, I joined other group programs and facebook groups. They helped me learn the basics, but it wasn’t a personal approach. Sure, I could post question in a public forum, but it wasn’t like having a tight-knit group of women who were equally as committed and invested in my growth as much as their own.

Working with Monique Alvarez, I learned practical ways to grow my reach. For example, I wasn’t even on Instagram, and 90 days later had over 200% more followers. 

The space that Monique holds for us fosters community, collaboration and collective impact." - Erin Browder

"I was drawn to Monique at first sight online! Our paths crossed when I was stuck in getting over an unfruitful high-ticketed coaching investment. Working with Monique felt like my ticket out and back in the game. And it sure has been! 

Every week is full of new sequential material, highly applicable content, impactful aha moments and upleveling. I feel fortunate to have found her and this fabulous group of ladies. We are available and supportive of each other and celebrate break throughs and milestones. Monique also walks her talk. I adore Monique's perseverance, frankness, desire to up level and her authenticity. 

If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, DO NOT pass it up!" - Mojdeh Razmiafshari

"Monique and I share many things: Our love for travel and our family, good food and honest and deep conversations. When I had the chance to work with Monique to take my business to the next level I didn't hesitate. Such a wonderful decision. I'm learning big and little things, subtle shifts and changes and getting even more visible and when I need to move out of my very feminine energy to allow my divine masculine to show up too. And I'm loving the diversity of the group!" - Annika Suoma Frey

"Since I've started working with Monique I've experienced a quantum shift in the way I look at my life and beliefs, and the way I deal with personal and business challenges. 

As a result I've catapulted to an amazing new level in life, filled with success and joy. 

My husband are now retired in Mexico, which has been our dream. Monique has been an instrumental and driving force behind the gains I've achieved!"- Judith Moore

"I started working with Monique because we connected at a time in my life where I needed that extra push to do something for me. 

To catapult these ideas on my business that had been dreams in my head but not yet made realities. 

I love the community (dare I call it sisterhood) that is created in the group, and how we all have the best intentions for everyone to succeed in their dreams."- Lauren Bandow

"Working with Monique is unlike anything I've experienced before. She is someone who genuinely cares about each and every person in the group.

The support from other group members is invaluable. Working with other powerhouse women in motion is not only inspiring but it is essential for any woman looking to increase her presence as a business woman.

I highly recommend Monique's program with no reservations. Whether you're looking to start a business, rebrand your business, increase your business or simply need help streamlining processes and attracting new networking avenues, Monique is your woman."- Gabriella Marigold Lindsay

"Monique is very different from any other coach I worked with before. She is really intuitive and the group is also a combination of highly intelligent and powerful and kind women.

What this means for you as a participant is that you do not get away with any BS. You will be called out, in a gentle but firm way and that is exactly what I needed.

Her action tasks really pushed me but also really helped me to find out what works for me and what doesn't and so it saved me a lot of time because Monique will have you dip your toes into all kinds of different realms. And now I know exactly what works for me.

The support is absolutely invaluable and I would never have met these women otherwise and now they are the pieces that help me to blossom.

I would always recommend working with Monique."- Christine Hansen

"Working with Monique has changed not only my business, but my SELF, and so much for the better. My confidence has grown, my skills have expanded, I'm discovering things about myself I would have otherwise left unexplored. Working with Monique is a divide in my life: a distinct Before and After. And I am immensely grateful."- Haley J Phillips

"This is the best investment that you could possibly make for your business! I had no clue how fast I would grow personally, how fast my business could expand or in what directions, or the number and depth of personal connections I would make in just the last 3 months by working with Monique. Take the leap and fly with us!!"- Janet Hilts

"If you're looking for a platform that not only helps you grow your network but also your net worth, you don't need to look any further. 

The group is both expansive and collaborative. In my many years of professional networking, working with Monique has by far exceeded the status quo."- Maria Kathlyn Tan

"Once you step into the group, there's a swift current that sweeps you up and injects you with the momentum you need to holistically learn and grow. 

Just two months later, I am clear on and believe in what I want to do, who I want to serve, and how to build and create in alignment with my lifestyle and vision.

What I didn't expect was the power of the love, diversity and collective vibration of my amazing group sisters. They loved me and had confidence in me when I couldn't find it within myself. They're the authentic, committed, no-BS, lead-by-example business women that I've been yearning for my entire career.

I have learned, grown and progressed holistically and more than I could’ve ever imagined. Accelerated growth is understatement! This is an offer of a lifetime. Seriously. Don't let it pass you by."- Kate Franco

This program is here to assist the woman who knows she's an untapped gold mine! If you've touched your genius and power, but don't know how to access it and use it at will, you're in the right place.

This is a high-intimacy, by application-only experience where you will receive 1;1 personalized attention.

On this free call we will discuss what you want to create, what practices and rituals are already in place, and what is draining your energy and distracting your focus. 

"I'm feeling so much better about myself, who I am, how much I've learned about myself vibrationally than before I started the program!"

"I am soooo enjoying the Meditations/Rituals & Experiments! I feel that where I am right now your program has helped me to boost my emotions daily w/ these practices! It's been so helpful for me & so much fun the way you're presenting for me to do them daily. Thanks for helping me to realize that doing meditations/rituals and experiments daily is something that I CAN do. Thank you Monique <3"

- Tammy T.


1;1 Coaching: This ensures that you are receiving individualized support and action items.

All My Best Resources: My tool box full of resources that will support the next level of your growth.

Private Messenger: Access to me via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp.

Bi-Weekly Private Calls: In each call you will receive practical and actionable feedback as well as a reading.

Pre-recorded Trainings: Train yourself between sessions in my library.

Personalized Plan of Action: A custom and channeled plan that ensures you know exactly what to focus on each day.


The daily practices and rituals that activate your creativity and power to create exactly what you desire. You'll move from creating on default to knowing what intentional creation looks and feels like.

What you are experiencing and receiving will never be a mystery again!

"In ONE powerful session...

You set me in this direction that SELF LOVE is my biggest healer. I appreciate your everlasting boldness in expanding your true being and sharing it with the world. You are an inspiration beyond limits for me and I am looking forward to our time working together."

- Susanne Braam

Susanne Braam

This exclusive program is a five-figure investment.

Serious inquires only. 

Rich Witch, Divine  Channel, and serial entrepreneur.

Adriana Monique Alvarez is the creator of AMA Publishing. She has worked with over 1000 women in 36 countries and has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted to Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She’s the author of four books including the International Bestselling Book, She Made It Happen. She is Rich Witch, Divine Channel, and passionate about creating platforms for powerful women to share their story and create a business they love. She lives in New Orleans with her husband Derek and sons, Sam and Grant.