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High-end Sales

Add Big Ticket Sales to Your Offers in 5 Easy Steps

big ticket sales

Want to add big ticket sales to your business offers? Adding big ticket offers, packages, or services to your business is the way to quantum-leap your income, serve deeply, and create the life you desire. Today I’ll be sharing how I added high-end services to my business and what it takes for you to make it happen.

5 Easy Steps for Big Ticket Sales

1) Decide What Kind Of Life You REALLY Want.

This step may seem obvious and yet is often overlooked… Adding big ticket sales will demand you get crystal clear about what you want to give yourself and your family.

You see, it takes courage to create high-level options and put an appropriate price tag on them… The way I made it flow from my heart was to stake my claim. I was absolutely unwavering in the following…

  • I was never going to raise my boys in an environment where they heard the words, “I can’t afford it.”.
  • I never wanted my boys to have student loans or debt around their necks.
  • I never wanted my boys to have an unhealthy relationship with money or feel like it was outside of their ability to create it.
  • I wanted to give my kids experiences that enrich their lives.
  • I wanted my boys to feel prosperous and abundant.
  • I wanted them to feel empowered around money.
  • I wanted to be a woman who owned a million dollar business and stood for the financial independence of women globally.
  • I wanted to be an example of what living well looks like.
  • I wanted to be the woman who says, “sacrifice, hard work, martyrdom, isolation, and fear of success stops here!”

Write out what you stand for, the life you desire, and the legacy you want to leave your children and grandchildren.

2) Understand The Pain Points And Problems Your Dream Clients Have.

If you are new in your business and are not absolutely certain of what they are, join social media groups where you can survey your potential clients and hear how they articulate their frustrations.

You can also create a formal or informal survey… If you have worked with clients and you know what your client’s need, get a giant piece of construction paper and do a brainstorm of your client’s pain points.

This exercise not only helps you identify what you need to address in your high ticket offer, but also the topics you need to address in your marketing.

3) Market Your Offer By Speaking Directly To Your Dream Clients.

This is the component that really makes it all come together… Your big ticket sales offers cannot be a secret.

Literally it takes making a commitment to everything you wrote out in step 1… Tell your fear and self doubt to step outside the door.

Commit to using your voice, teaching, and adding value to the world. Commit to the deep transformation you bring to your clients… Look at what you created in step 2 to remind yourself of who is looking for you and why they need your packages and programs.

Selling high-end is dependent on you showing up FULLY… That means leading and being completely self-expressed. Use writing and video to do this and make sure you give a clear and concise call to action to get on a phone call.

4) Connect And Listen On Sales Calls.

If the thought of sales calls makes you nauseous, I want you to ask yourself what your definition of sales actually is…

  • Do you have an old and outdated definition that says sales is about manipulating somebody into a decision they don’t want to make?
  • Do you think sales is synonymous with being unethical?

When I am preparing to get on a sales call, I remember my services are part of my Divine calling… It isn’t about pushing anything on the woman on the other side of the call, it’s about listening to her so I can connect her problems with solutions.

The best thing you can do in a sales call is remove your self-consciousness and fear from the conversation… If you are thinking about how you aren’t enough and no one will pay your prices, you won’t be able to connect with their heart and you will never hear what their heart truly desires. Be unattached to the outcome, be committed to the connection.

Last but not least, ask them if they would like to work with you.

Don’t let your fear of rejection let you end the conversation without directly asking if they want hire you.

5) Have A Down-Sell Available.

When I started high-ends sales, I made sure I had a lower offer ready for those who weren’t ready to invest at the highest level.

Also, keep in mind that your down-sell can be customized based on the client… Trust yourself and create it based on what the client directly communicated they want and what you know they need.

The only regret I have about adding big ticket sales to my business is that I waited so long to do it… The idea that you have to work your way up to it is simply not true…

When you are clear on who you are, what you desire, who you serve and how you help them, you can speak in a way that attracts the clients who are motivated and ready to take responsibility for their desires.