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Divine Creatrix 2019 Is YOUR Year of Magic & Miracles!

In my morning meditation I heard, 

"Dedicate the first 37 days of the new year to leading a sacred circle of women through daily...


In our time together you will free your inner magic and summon miracles. It's about tithing our time to do the inner work. At our core we are powerful creators.

In this powerful trifecta you will connect to your deepest self, honor the divine within, and create.

Client Love

"I owe so much to your BELIEF and SUPPORT...


When I think about how much has changed since we started working is mind boggling. I am a pretty positive person that believes in her abilities, but I must admit that I didn't believe I could do EXACTLY what I love successfully. You proved me wrong and I thank you every day for that."

- Tigrilla Gardenia

"My personal growth has been EXPONENTIAL...


Your unique way is geared to women and is very spiritual and self reflective. It's about being authentically me! I have found myself exploring my thoughts, really understanding what it is that I do, what I offer, and trusting myself. I feel like I'm becoming WHOLE. I am growing and enjoying the process."

- Ellie Thompson

"My big, scary desire came to me in a flash...

Tori Bravery

as I was loading the dishwasher. I know 100% I called for you. Since starting the work with you, I can feel the Universe’s warm embrace and my path beginning to take shape. I feel fear at the concept of what I want to achieve and then I remind myself that you, the other Wild Women and the Universe are all on my side."

- Tori Bravery

No matter what season in life, no matter your profession, you came here to create!

In our time together, we will practice what it means to be a joyful, deliberate creator.

Imagine this:

✨ Waking up knowing something amazing is about to happen!

✨ Being open to expansion on all levels!

✨ Feeling your own power and choice!

✨ Experiencing peace within any circumstance!

✨ Feeling connected to yourself and all that is!

✨ Focusing your thoughts on what you desire!

✨ Moving into inspired and aligned action!

✨ Creating sacred moments every day!

"Our meditation and clearing session set me on this direction that self love is my biggest healer. Furthermore I sincerely appreciate your everlasting boldness in expanding your true being and sharing this experience with the world. You are an inspiration beyond limits for me." - Susanne Braam
"In my action plan that Adriana Monique created, the spiritual and self care actions were the most helpful! I can work in my business all day long, but if I don’t take care of myself I’m finished. Lots of coaches can tell you how to network and build funnels, but you have that extra magic that’s about building the person behind the business, and that’s so important." - Whitney Morton Woodcock

"I've been doing your daily plan of action that includes meditation, essential oils, crystals and mantras and it has completely changed how I feel when I work! It no longer feels like WORK! or heavy or challenging! It's so much easier to work when I'm in alignment with my soul's purpose, but I wasn't quite there yet. Your recommendations helped push me over that edge and elevated me to the next level. I am so grateful I took the leap to join your program in the summer!" - Rosemary King 

What is included in the

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🌟 Lifetime access to the 111 channelled messages in the Magic & Miracles Content Library

🌟 Each message is either a meditation, ritual, or creative experiment (37 each) you can easily incorporate into your day.

One Payment Of


I’m a Rich Witch, Divine Channel, and serial entrepreneur.

I show women how to use your voice and get your message out to the masses while creating products and services that make you wealthy so you can live the lifestyle that most only dream of.

Yes you can make money being YOURSELF and I can’t wait to show you how!

From small-town girl to International Business Consultant...

Magic and Miracles 17I’m a small town girl from rural Colorado. I was the good girl, the straight A student, in church every time the doors were open. I spent my 20’s as a volunteer in orphanages and it wasn’t until I contracted the deadliest form of malaria while in Kenya that I began to look at who I wanted to be instead of who I was expected to be.

I met my husband of 11 years on a blind date and it was then that we decided to start our own business and bet on ourselves. Our marketing agency hit six figures in the first year while living in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. All was well until one day I completely broke down walking up Banker’s Hill because I realized I wanted to have babies and I didn’t know how I was going to pull it all off.

Fast forward two years and I had two babies in twelve months! I transitioned into online business consulting so we could travel the world as a family while having a new born in one arm and a one year old in the other. Early on in our travels I realized that I still had plenty of fears to face and that included making LOTS of money. It was then my babies inspired me to grow, rewire my success codes, and work through my fears and boy did it pay off.

Magic and Miracles 18I’ve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of women around the world how to start and grow a business they love. I’ve embraced who I am by bringing a unique mix of spirituality, mindset, and business savvy. I’ve been featured on dozens of podcasts and publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, International Living, and Addicted to Success.

My super power is connecting to my spiritual gifts and guides to become a channel of wealth. Shedding the good girl and stepping into my power lead to me working a few hours a day while making multiple six figures. It affords me gourmet dining, 5 star hotels, and regular visits to the spa. It gives me multiple dates with my husband each week, a nanny, a housekeeper, and private school for my kids. It gives me the ability to give my kids unforgettable experiences like staying in the walled city in Dubrovnik, at Diocletian's Palace in Split, and in San Marco's Square in Venice... It’s the island-hopping, exploring of castles, hiking of waterfalls kind of adventures I get to share with my family that inspires me to keep growing.

Magic and Miracles 19I’m here to show what living well looks like. I’m here to say, "The tradition of women coming dead last, looking ragged, and being martyrs ENDS HERE." I give myself the gifts of amazing skin care, two dozen specialty teas in my cupboard, lunch delivery every day, beautiful clothing, fresh cut flowers, and the best chocolate money can buy.

I’m here to free women from BS and the lies that have taught us that women who do well financially are “masculine”, “toxic feminine energy”, “self serving”, “selfish”, or “too much”. I’m here to teach you how to live your life ABUNDANTLY. I am here to empower you to fully express yourself and to honor your soul’s contract.

I’m here to celebrate, champion, and cheerlead women who will not die with the music still inside them. I’m here to serve the wild women who have fire in their bones!

If this is you, now is YOUR time!