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Adriana and Husband in Sveti Stefan

In early 2009 my husband and I knew we wanted to start a business but we had two big strikes against us:

  1. We were young.
  2. Everyone was reeling from the real estate market crash.

I thought about everything that had helped me in the past and networking was by far the most important aspect. I’m a natural connector so I hatched a plan that included me attending every networking event in Tucson. Sure enough it lead to us doing $110k in our first year in a less than optimistic economy.

I became the Queen of BNI and since bringing my business online, I have facilitated Networking Intensives and Trainings to hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world.

This meeting that you are registering for was inspired by my offline networking days and I can’t wait to hear who you are, what you do, and who you wish to serve.

We have an agenda we follow each meeting and I’ve included it below so you know what to expect.

We run our calls with cameras on and phones put away so we can give ourselves and each participant the gift of our attention.

“Enjoyed it so much-can’t wait for next week!”

“That was awesome! Thank you Adriana for creating space.”

“Thank you Adriana! Together as a collected soul we will grow and rise to be change makers and trailblazers.”

“Thank you and so grateful I joined.”

“It was awesome and I’m so looking forward to getting to know everyone over the course of the year.”

Check out a recording of one of our actual Networking Influencers meetings!

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome attendees and guests.
  2. Announcements: If you have a free event it can be shared at this time. 

  3. 60 Second commercials: This is your chance to shine and stand out in the group. You’ll want to write out and practice this BEFORE the meeting. A good commercial starts with stating your name and business. The middle is dedicated to communicating what service/product you provide (it’s best if you pick one per meeting).  An effective way to end is by asking for a specific referral.

  4. 10 minute presentation: One featured member will give a 10 minute presentation to the group. Think about what you want us to walk away knowing about you and your business. These are most effective when you select one aspect and expand upon it rather than attempting to tell us everything about what you do. 

  5. Referrals and testimonials: Everyone will have an opportunity to share if they referred a member business or received a referral. It’s also when you have the opportunity to share a testimonial you received from a client or member of the group. 
  6. Weekly action item: Before leaving the meeting everyone will share what they are focused on completing before the next call. No one is going to keep tabs on you but it’s a great way for you to verbalize what’s important to you and the growth of your business. 

  7. Inspiring quote/blessing: The final moment will be dedicated to sending you off feeling inspired and supported.