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You have something amazing to offer the world!

I’m Adriana Monique Alvarez, the founder of Networking Influencers, #1 International Best-Selling Author, and former BNI Queen.

This is your opportunity to network on a weekly basis with amazing people from around the world.


I spent 7 years networking every day of the week when my husband and I started our business back in 2009. Three years ago I transitioned online and learned the art of networking in a new way...

Networking Influencers is a hybrid that allows online Authors, Speakers, and Entrepreneurs to connect globally.

Whether you've never been part of a business networking group or if you're a BNI Pro, here's how it works...

What's included in:

Networking Influencers Logo - WEB

🌟 Every week you have 3 LIVE Zoom video meetings you can participate in and more coming. (Yes we accommodate every time zone world wide!) (Value $3,000) Current meetings are...

👉 Mondays 8 pm EST/Tuesdays noon Sydney

👉 Tuesdays 4 pm EST/9 pm UK/Wednesdays 8 am Sydney

👉 Wednesdays noon EST/5 pm UK

(We have a structured meeting agenda where you have the opportunity to give a 60 second commercial and ask for a specific referral and you also have a chance to share a testimonial with the group.)

🌟 Every meeting one member will give a 10 minute presentation on what they do. And as a bonus you get to share your offer in the private group too! (Value $900)

🌟 Access to a private group where you can promote, network, and learn. (Value $600)

🌟 PLUS every single month members receive THREE trainings on topics that will help grow your business. (Value $9,000)

🌟 We also provide members 10 podcasts that are accepting guests every single month! (Value $3,000)

🌟 ACCESS to Networking Influencers Library

💫 Containing all Guest Trainings, Podcasts Lists, Past Meetings, Presentation Schedules, etc.

PLUS Special BONUS Libraries!!!

Get 6-12 Clients From Other People’s Facebook Groups

🌟 ACCESS to "Get 6-12 Clients From Other People’s Facebook Groups" Library ($499 VALUE)

💫 Containing 5 video trainings with action items on how to go into other people's Facebook Groups and get business

Make $100k This Year From Your Facebook Group

🌟 ACCESS to "Make $100k This Year From Your Facebook Group" Library ($499 VALUE)

💫 Containing containing 5 video trainings with action items on how to use your own Facebook Group to generate sales

TOTAL VALUE: $17,498 for the year!

Networking Influencers Logo - WEB

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“Enjoyed it so much-can’t wait for next week!”

“That was awesome! Thank you Adriana for creating space.”

“Thank you Adriana! Together as a collected soul we will grow and rise to be change makers and trailblazers.”

“Thank you and so grateful I joined.”

“It was awesome and I’m so looking forward to getting to know everyone over the course of the year.”

Check out a recording of one of our actual Networking Influencers meetings!

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Welcome attendees and guests.
  2. Announcements: If you have a free event it can be shared at this time. 

  3. 60 Second commercials: This is your chance to shine and stand out in the group. You’ll want to write out and practice this BEFORE the meeting. A good commercial starts with stating your name and business. The middle is dedicated to communicating what service/product you provide (it’s best if you pick one per meeting).  An effective way to end is by asking for a specific referral.

  4. 10 minute presentation: One featured member will give a 10 minute presentation to the group. Think about what you want us to walk away knowing about you and your business. These are most effective when you select one aspect and expand upon it rather than attempting to tell us everything about what you do. 

  5. Referrals and testimonials: Everyone will have an opportunity to share if they referred a member business or received a referral. It’s also when you have the opportunity to share a testimonial you received from a client or member of the group. 
  6. Weekly action item: Before leaving the meeting everyone will share what they are focused on completing before the next call. No one is going to keep tabs on you but it’s a great way for you to verbalize what’s important to you and the growth of your business. 

  7. Inspiring quote/blessing: The final moment will be dedicated to sending you off feeling inspired and supported.

Client Love

"Don’t work with Adriana unless you’re ready for HUGE growth!"

Lindsay Crowther

- Lindsay Crowther

"The work Adriana does and the sacred space she holds is truly life changing."

Helen Reid

- Helen Reid

"I am so grateful to Adriana for helping me become a published author!"

Darcie Elizabeth

- Darcie Elizabeth

"Adriana you are a story therapist! Just got 3 clients with your help!"

Cristel Mydske

- Cristel Mydske

"Loved sharing my story!!!! Thank you for making it possible."

Leigh Jane Woodgate

- Leigh Jane Woodgate

"Adriana got me on track after years of stops and starts."

Tarsh Ashwin

- Tarsh Ashwin

"Adriana made my dream of becoming a published author come true!"

Susanne Grant

- Susanne Grant

"You've been a miracle and blessing in my life. You're an answer to my prayers."

Jo Wiehler

- Jo Wiehler

"Thank you Adriana for being the most incredible woman and coach."

Lois Stanley

- Lois Stanley

Networking Influencers OUTCOMES:

✨ Honing your messaging on a weekly basis

✨ Belonging to a great group of entrepreneurs

✨ Being able to share your work with 20-30 referral partners every week

✨ Watching your confidence soar

✨ Growing your business through great connections

✨ New opportunities coming your way

✨ Leveraging your time to connect with a high value community

✨ Learning how to market and sell your services in a way that feels natural and authentic

✨ Feeling inspired and empowered at the end of each call!

✨ PLUS Access to the Networking Influencers Library, containing all Guest Trainings, Podcasts Lists, Past Meetings, Presentation Schedules, Bonus Libraries, etc.

"Adriana Monique Alvarez is my absolute hero!"

Chanel Morales

"Adriana Monique Alvarez is my absolute hero! She is the most fierce and fabulous business coach I have ever worked with. The most serious business woman with a totally no bs approach, who leads from the heart. She taught me some amazing strategies that have helped me to generate hundreds of leads, create amazing content, position myself where I want to be and grow my audience."

- Chanel Morales

"This has truly been a life changing experience."

Susanne Braam1

"I wanted to share my story to inspire and support other women, who like me have been through hell and need to know that there’s light and love always.

Thank you for blessing me with the opportunity to contribute to a book. I cannot express in words my gratitude! I appreciate your dedication and all you have done for me. This has truly been a life changing experience."

- Susanne Braam

"Thanks for giving me the courage to write my story."

Karen Blaney Camerato

"Several years ago I would have never dreamed I would be able to put together a coherent sentence, let alone fully express my journey from grief back to life.

Adriana Monique Alvarez, I am indebted to you for giving me the courage to write my story. You are a special woman!"

- Karen Blaney Camerato

"My inbox is on fire and I'm booking calls!"

Lisa Farrington

- Lisa Farrington

"I made back my investment within a few weeks!"

Jess Thompson

- Jess Thompson

"Working with you is worth every American dollar!"

Kasia Gurgul

- Kasia Gurgul

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Adriana Monique Alvarez is the founder of AMA Publishing. She has worked with over 1,200 clients in 36 countries and has been featured on Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living, Addicted to Success, Elephant Journal, FOX, ABC, and NBC.

She is the author of four books, including the International Bestselling Book, "She Made It Happen". She is passionate about creating platforms for entrepreneurs to share their story and create a business they love. She currently is traveling the world with her husband, Derek, and two sons, Sam and Grant. Some of her favorite places she's been are Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, and Italy.