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Day 3

Discover How to DESCRIBE What You Do
In a Way That Leads to CLIENTS!

Day 3 Action Items:

1. Describe your ideal client like you would describe the ambiance of your favorite restaurant. How do they behave, what motivates them, what keeps them up at night?

2. Test your questions that describe their behavior in BIG groups to see how the audience responds. You are going for comments like, "OMG how did you know?"

Example: "Who here has an unfinished book on your desktop?"

3. Use words in your posts, lives, and 60 second commercials that elicit emotions. If you don't feel anything when you type it or say it, no one else will either.

Clients and referrals show up when we are:

1. DEEPLY CONNECTED TO OURSELVES and comfortable allowing our personality to shine through.

2. DEEPLY COMMITTED TO THOSE WE SERVE and have empathy for where they are and understand where they want to go.

3. DEEPLY DEDICATED TO USING ALL OUR POWER FOR GOOD as we have access to the world in ways generations before us have not.

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