Your Dream Client Attraction Guide

A FREE guide designed to teach you what you need to do in order to attract your soul-aligned clients and boost your sales. Discover the three places your dream clients are hiding in plain sight and learn how to enroll them without the need for a fancy website.

This is for you if

-You are an entrepreneur but can’t seem to fill your books with your dream clients and you have never moved into big money.

-You are in the process of leaving your corporate role because you just can’t stomach it any longer! You know you want to move into entrepreneurship but that’s new and different for you.

-You are considering starting a Publishing House but something is holding you back.

-You are a mom and an entrepreneur and you feel overwhelmed. You are sticking at something that isn’t paying off and you wish to start earning more so you can justify your pursuit and your passion for what you do.

The internet is FULL of people who hope you exist. How do you find them?


In this Dream Client Attraction Guide, I’m going to show you how!

I want to help you discover how to build your own Publishing House so you can:

-FIND your soul-aligned clients

-ENROLL these clients

-Fast-track to $8K MONTHS

-Create SUSTAINABILITY in your business

WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed and burnt out!

I’m Adriana

I am an international bestselling author. I’ve been featured in the likes of Forbes, Huffington Post, International Living and more! I have always wanted to do something different and to make a SPLASH! Ultimately, this led me to starting a Publishing House as many entrepreneurs want to become a publisher and they want to have the marketing assets but they don’t know where to start or who to hire. They also don’t know how to write the book and keep their business going. I’d found a gap in the market! I now teach successful female coaches how to create their own six-figure Publishing House. I want my clients to enter into immediate cash flow. I am known for getting my clients into cash flow in their first 30 days.

You’re next!

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See what people are saying

“Don’t work with Adriana unless you’re ready for HUGE growth!”


-Lindsay Crowther

“The work Adriana does and the sacred space she holds is truly life-changing”


-Helen Reid

"This Friday I am releasing a book that means so much to me. It never would have been possible without Adriana’s expertise and guidance. I have 21 authors in this book that have brought so much experience, joy, and excitement to the project that this has been fun the entire time."


- Colleen Reagan Noon