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✨ Are you in conversations with prospective clients on a daily or weekly basis

✨ Would it make a huge difference in your business if you were?

✨ Do you have amazing referral partners or power pods?

✨ Would your business grow faster if you did?

✨ Ever felt like you wished the online connections were deeper and more meaningful?

✨ Would you feel less isolated if you were surrounded by 50-100 entrepreneurs who really got you?

Benefit From:

🌟 Twice weekly networking meetings (one for N.American/European time zones and one for Australia/Asia time zones)

🔥 Training on how to prepare for networking meetings and how to get the most out of them

🌟 A curated list of 10+ podcasts you can apply to each month

🔥 Training on how to pitch podcasts and leverage them to grow your business

🌟 A curated list of the best FB groups to network in

🔥 Training on how to make money from other people’s FB groups

🌟 A checklist on how to set up your FB Group for success

🔥 Training on how you can make money from your FB Group

🌟 A checklist on how to set up your LinkedIn Profile for success

🔥 Training on how to use Sales Navigator on LinkedIn to book sales calls

🌟 Guest speakers who teach you how to book more speaking engagements and even get your own TedTalk!

🔥 A content library where all trainings and meetings are archived

🌟 Listing on our directory with all your contact information

🔥 Private Group plus members save 25% on all AMA services and products