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Seahorse Medicine

(You are the Guru)

  • If you would like to return to the simple, the rich, the rest, and the abundance that dwells in relationships, partnerships, and collaborations with people you truly love and admire.
  • If you would like to practice receiving clients outside of social media.
  • If you would like 6-24 people who are continuously referring you business.
  • If you would like to learn how to embrace your deepest essence and cultivate environments that are beneficial to you and all involved.

Seahorse Medicine is for you!

Over 9 weeks you will attune to your own guidance, your unique way of being in business, and your Soul contracted support and clients.

We will practice stillness, silence, and trust in oneself.

✨ Imagine feeling peace beyond understanding because you allow yourself to live fully each day and know that you are doing the handful of things that lead to more business than busy ever will.

✨ Imagine no longer needing to spend time on social media if you don't want to.

✨ Imagine having every relationship, client, and environment being one that nurtures and satisfies you at a soul level.

You will access ideas and inspiration beyond what experts are teaching.

This is a beautiful mix of practical and mysterious.

You are ready to trust at a deep level.

You are the guru!

Time zones are irrelevant in this container. There are no long calls or anywhere you need to be at any certain time.

I will drop channeled messages in the library and ask you to share what is coming through you in the private Voxer group.

p.s. I will offer this again in 2022 for $2,500.

Client Love

Colleen sold out first book, hit bestseller and is now selling two books at once!

Tarsh made $40K in her first 3 months in the program, sold out first book!

Kayleigh sold out one book, and 11 spots in her second book in three months!