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Are You Ready to Get 7 New Clients in 7 Weeks?!

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I'm giving away my tried and true methods for getting 7+ high quality clients in 7 weeks or less!

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USA: Wed 26th June 5:00am PST & 8:00am EST
UK: Wed 26th June 12:00pm GMT
Aus: Wed 26th June 10:00pm AEST

Sell High-end Masterclass LIVE 1

What You Will Learn in this FREE Masterclass:

Secret #1

How to create $5k pre-selling your program. (AKA where the low hanging fruit is.)

Secret #2

How my client put $7,800 cash in her bank account & booked herself solid (Without a website.)

Secret #3

How I made $50,000 on just one program. (Without spending a dime on ads.)


When you register now I’ll send you my...

🌟 Womb Energy Activation mp3 (Value $99)

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Client Love

"I'm about to hit a $10k month!...

Lesley Gilbert

Thank you for all your support over the last two years. I feel like I've got this! I sold out my retreat and am about to hit a $10k month! It's so exciting."

- Lesley Gilbert

"I sold out of my branding program...

Kate Franco

After being in the Platinum program I sold out of my branding program and sold a VIP package. In one week I made as much as I used to in one month (after taxes) in toxic corporate!"

- Kate Franco

"I am celebrating my first $10k day!...

Jennifer Pipe

Monique has helped me expand the vision for my business. When I announced that registration was open for my latest program it filled immediately and I am celebrating my first $10k day!"

- Jennifer Pipe

"I sold my first $7,800 coaching package...

Kasia Gurgul

I sold my first $7,800 coaching package within one week of joining THE HOLY BUSINESS SCHOOL PLAT LEVEL! And the best part is the client paid in full! I had no idea it could be this easy. I have more calls booked, too.

Thanks for your incredibly valuable guidance and encouragement Adriana! You are always here to lead us and back us and working with you is worth every American dollar I would recommend you to any woman who wants to have a high quality of life while creating a sustainable passion-fueled business aligned with who they are."

- Kasia Gurgul

I’m full-time traveler, a Divine channel, an entrepreneur, and a Leading Business Strategist for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

💛 I stand for the financial independence of women globally.

💛 I am here to gather the wild and wise women.

💛 I am here to help women connect to their Divine nature and spiritual gifts.

💛 I believe in financial AND spiritual ascension. 🤩

If you have a BIG vision, I specialize in showing you HOW to manifest it... women who work with me learn how to take action and make money.

Sell High-end Masterclass LIVE 1