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Learn to Create, Market & Sell high-end offers

If you’re ready to jump into high-end sales and hit six figures with heart and soul, this is for YOU!

Everything you need - from how to craft an offer, how to price it, how to promote it, and how to sell it!

Here's my journey, maybe you can relate...

If you're like me...

💛 You value family, time, making memories, and you want to enjoy a good life.
💛 You want your children to know what it means to have a happy and thriving mom.
💛 You are here to make the world a better place and you believe life is meant to feel like heaven on earth.

If you're like me, you know that building a business that makes less $100k a year simply does not make sense!

A business takes energy, time, and money to create...

You can think small or you can think big.
I should know, I’ve done both.

Let’s look at the numbers...

There are a few ways to make $100k a year...

💎 $1,000 program  x 100 clients

💎 $2,500 program x 40 clients

💎 $5,000 program x 20 clients

💎 $7,500 program x 14 clients

💎 $10,000 program x 10 clients

In other words, it's called "working smarter, not harder"... Provide maximum value and charge accordingly. Of course, there are some strategies you need to make this work, and that's where I come in!

Client Love

"I went from making $0 to $2,000 my first month!...

Amoya Knudson

Adriana Monique Alvarez with The Holy Business School is simply magical. There is no one like her. She is a unicorn.

Her ability to combine spirituality and business is one-of-a-kind. From what I learned in the first month, I went from making $0 a month to $2000 my very first month working with her! I am so thankful that I joined this school because it has undoubtedly changed my life."

- Amoya Knudson

"So much has shifted in me and my business...

Carmen Rosas

Over the last six months I feel like so much has shifted in me and my business. I have clear direction and I have the ability to make great money and live a good life.

I already got over 30 apparel sales this month. Thank you for encouraging me to raise the price of my next retreat. I already sold the first two spots and they both paid in full...that's over $8000!"

- Carmen Rosas

"My platform has grown and my profits...

Sami Gardner

I started working with Adriana Monique Alvarez when I was still dreaming of a location independent business while stuck at my social work job.

I utilized her networking programs and practical sense marketing guides to meet other entrepreneurs, hone my skills, and grow my brand's message. In the year and a half, my platform has grown and my profits.

If you are a woman still struggling with how to start a location independent business or take one online, she is a fine mentor to learn from! "

- Sami Gardner

"I made $6,444 in the first month!...

Leah Borski

My top two takeaways from working with Adriana were to embrace the concept of "keep going until ____" don't stop until I fill my program vs stopping after a set # of lives or promo days.

The next was the importance of tuning in, allowing, and trust vs forcing, grinding, hustling and HOW to do this in a way that feels good and gets results. I've known this for self-care and stress relief but could not figure out how to apply it to my business until joining this program. I made $6,444 in the first month! Thank you for lighting the path and believing in me long before I believed in myself."

- Leah Borski

Do you dream of…

💠 Making money every day from doing what you absolutely love

💠 Having clients eager to pay you for your knowledge and experience

💠 Being fully self expressed

💠 Moving from being a woman full of potential, to a woman living her purpose

Or how about....

🏵️ Reaching $5k, $8k, $10k months...

🏵️ Selling your programs and creating systems in your business with ease

🏵️ Empowering, encouraging, and impacting people through your gifts

🏵️ Having a thriving business that grows continuously

🏵️ Having the freedom to create your schedule and live the life YOU love


Three years ago I was brand new to consulting and while I had shot straight to the top in a networking marketing company and built a six figure marketing agency, I had LOTS OF GROWING TO DO. I had to lose...

🌸 My need for approval...

🌸 My desire to please everyone and their mother...

🌸 My fear of being misunderstood and judged by women...

🌸 My deep fear that being too successful would mean I would wind up alone...

And, wait for it…

🌸 My discomfort around ASKING FOR AND RECEIVING MONEY for my services.

What was the catalyst for DEEP change?

It was paining me to see that I was the ONLY person in my way...

I laid awake at night so frustrated that I couldn’t articulate what was in my heart and soul without watering it down...

Ultimately, my sons...

I would think about what I wanted to provide for them...

I would think about what I wanted their relationship with money to be like...

I thought about how I never wanted them to be in their 30’s and 40’s unlearning BS around money and abundance...

I am going to be super straight with you...

The only way for you to make money from your passion and to experience freedom and joy in your life and business is to create packages that create both TIME AND MONEY.

Trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of ways.

🌹You get to define what “high end” is to you...

But I’m telling you, the sooner you learn how to create, market, and sell high-end offers, the faster you’ll get to what you want most.

🌺 I know you aren’t in it for the money, you are here because you know what you want to DO with the money...

🌺 Once you define what a good life is for you and your family, what you need to learn how to do in your business is a CAKE WALK.

🌺 Gone are the days of feeling “slimy” around sales and money...

🌺 Once you are clear on the life you want, the life you want to give your babies, you can shift into the powerhouse CEO that you are.

🌺 Any fears or concerns you’ve had around being seen as "money hungry" or "self-serving" are laughable once you have defined this life...

🌺 The people whose judgment you fear, well they aren’t paying your bills, are they?

"I'm about to hit a $10k month!...

Lesley Gilbert

Thank you for all your support over the last two years. I feel like I've got this! I sold out my retreat and am about to hit a $10k month! It's so exciting."

- Lesley Gilbert

"I sold out of my branding program...

Kate Franco

After being in the Platinum program I sold out of my branding program and sold a VIP package. In one week I made as much as I used to in one month (after taxes) in toxic corporate!"

- Kate Franco

"I am celebrating my first $10k day!...

Jennifer Pipe

Adriana has helped me expand the vision for my business. When I announced that registration was open for my latest program it filled immediately and I am celebrating my first $10k day!"

- Jennifer Pipe


Imagine shifting from…

✨ Needing to sell many individual sessions to only needing to sell a few high-end packages to make your income goals

✨ Feeling overwhelmed and second-guessing your offers to having a signature package as your go-to money maker

✨ Having no idea what money making activities are to having a profitable plan of action

✨ Being overwhelmed with good ideas to successfully executing them, one at a time

✨ Having long gaps between clients to a having a steady stream of payment notifications

✨Avoiding marketing yourself to knowing HOW to effectively do it

✨ Hating sales to embracing deep connection with those you desire to serve

✨ Being overwhelmed by technology to using super simple tactics you can use immediately to get results

✨ Being tongue-tied about the transformation you provide to being clear and articulate in communicating your value

✨ Feeling isolated and lost in your own thoughts to having rock solid support from an experienced mentor

✨ Lifetime access to both the Silver and Platinum content libraries, containing over 150 business training videos for ongoing growth and continuing education

But I also know that you…

🌺 May be struggling with self-doubt and low confidence, which prevents you from being yourself and going all in

🌺 May be discouraged because you feel like you have tried everything

🌺 May be stressed out because you don’t know how to get yourself in front of the right people

🌺 May have a deep desire to hide and stay in your comfort zone

🌺 Have an amazing business or business idea, but cannot attract your dream customers or clients

Going it alone, doing the DIY version of business, and cutting yourself off from guidance and accountability is HURTING YOU BIG TIME.

This all changes TODAY. Bet on yourself and I’ll see you on the other side.

"I sold my first $7,800 coaching package...

Kasia Gurgul

I sold my first $7,800 coaching package within one week of joining THE HOLY BUSINESS SCHOOL PLAT LEVEL! And the best part is the client paid in full! I had no idea it could be this easy. I have more calls booked, too.

Thanks for your incredibly valuable guidance and encouragement Adriana! You are always here to lead us and back us and working with you is worth every American dollar I would recommend you to any woman who wants to have a high quality of life while creating a sustainable passion-fueled business aligned with who they are."

- Kasia Gurgul

What is included in The Holy Business Platinum Program?


💫 Establish your title and tagline, experience and authority to skyrocket your confidence

💫 Nail down the transformation you guide your clients through & the outcomes they desire most


💫 Learn how to sizzle and sell with ease and joy

💫 Deepen your connection and sell through powerful sales calls, emails, and private messages

💫 Acknowledge your desire and ability to bring heaven on earth through your business


💫 Write compelling copy that speaks to the heart and soul of your dream client

💫 Create visuals that sell

💫 Written exercises that will turn on the tap to communicating on a soul level


💫 Create and/or review your services/products that light you up the most

💫 Overhaul your pricing to align with who and how you serve

💫 Create rituals that support the abundance you are calling in


💫 Rock your Lives with heartfelt conviction and passion

💫 Cultivate and harvest sales from your Facebook Group

💫 Activate your sacred desire to serve those who are ready to act on what you provide


💫 Review sales pages, opt-ins, trip wires, and funnels

💫 Revamp social media accounts and groups with the intention of delivering value and asking for sales

💫 Declare and demonstrate your ability to lead and manage a team that supports your growth


💫 Prayers, mantras, and meditations to connect to your highest self

💫 Clearings and healings to open and balance your chakras

💫 Forgiveness ritual


💫 Share your aha moments, meet other women on the same path, ask questions, and receive support from my team M-F


💫 Ask any questions you'd like and receive personalized and channeled feedback

🌟 LIFETIME ACCESS to BOTH the SILVER & PLATINUM Libraries (Priceless)

💫 Containing over 150 business training videos for ongoing growth and continuing education

TOTAL VALUE: $40,973

Ready to take the next step?

I’m full-time traveler, a Divine channel, an entrepreneur, and a Leading Business Strategist for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

💛 I stand for the financial independence of women globally.

💛 I am here to gather the wild and wise women.

💛 I am here to help women connect to their Divine nature and spiritual gifts.

💛 I believe in financial AND spiritual ascension. 🤩

If you have a BIG vision, I specialize in showing you HOW to manifest it... women who work with me learn how to take action and make money.

From small-town girl to International Business Consultant...

The Holy Business Platinum Program 17I’m a small town girl from rural Colorado. I was the good girl, the straight A student, in church every time the doors were open. I spent my 20’s as a volunteer in orphanages and it wasn’t until I contracted the deadliest form of malaria while in Kenya that I began to look at who I wanted to be instead of who I was expected to be.

I met my husband of 11 years on a blind date and it was then that we decided to start our own business and bet on ourselves. Our marketing agency hit six figures in the first year while living in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. All was well until one day I completely broke down walking up Banker’s Hill because I realized I wanted to have babies and I didn’t know how I was going to pull it all off.

Fast forward two years and I had two babies in twelve months! I transitioned into online business consulting so we could travel the world as a family while having a new born in one arm and a one year old in the other. Early on in our travels I realized that I still had plenty of fears to face and that included making LOTS of money. It was then my babies inspired me to grow, rewire my success codes, and work through my fears and boy did it pay off.

The Holy Business Platinum Program 18I’ve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of women around the world how to start and grow a business they love. I’ve embraced who I am by bringing a unique mix of spirituality, mindset, and business savvy. I’ve been featured on dozens of podcasts and publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, International Living, and Addicted to Success.

My super power is connecting to my spiritual gifts and guides to become a channel of wealth. Shedding the good girl and stepping into my power lead to me working a few hours a day while making multiple six figures. It affords me gourmet dining, 5 star hotels, and regular visits to the spa. It gives me multiple dates with my husband each week, a nanny, a housekeeper, and private school for my kids. It gives me the ability to give my kids unforgettable experiences like staying in the walled city in Dubrovnik, at Diocletian's Palace in Split, and in San Marco's Square in Venice... It’s the island-hopping, exploring of castles, hiking of waterfalls kind of adventures I get to share with my family that inspires me to keep growing.

The Holy Business Platinum Program 19I’m here to show what living well looks like. I’m here to say, "The tradition of women coming dead last, looking ragged, and being martyrs ENDS HERE." I give myself the gifts of amazing skin care, two dozen specialty teas in my cupboard, lunch delivery every day, beautiful clothing, fresh cut flowers, and the best chocolate money can buy.

I’m here to free women from BS and the lies that have taught us that women who do well financially are “masculine”, “toxic feminine energy”, “self serving”, “selfish”, or “too much”. I’m here to teach you how to live your life ABUNDANTLY. I am here to empower you to fully express yourself and to honor your soul’s contract.

I’m here to celebrate, champion, and cheerlead women who will not die with the music still inside them. I’m here to serve the wild women who have fire in their bones!

If this is you, now is YOUR time!