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Whether you’re new to business or thinking of starting a business, this Video Library is for YOU! 💫 

🌟 Everything you need to go from zero to $5k months is in this library. Every topic imaginable is there. Every question answered.

✨ PLUS access to our private Holy Business Facebook group of female entrepreneurs... Learn, Network, Collaborate, Contribute!

I started The Holy Business School because I know that while having an MBA allows you to put letters behind your name, it will never teach you how to create cash flow in your business... or how to run it holistically, where your life and family are priority.

The Holy Business School is where business and spirituality come together to help you create a self-designed life.

Client Love

"Working with Adriana has been a game changer for me...

Kerri Lewis

The biggest benefit for me is the expansive support community, made up of women of all ages, in all lines of work. Everyone is helping each other and cheering each other on.

I’ve spent years going it alone in business and now have guidance and encouragement that helps me expand. Anytime I feel stuck I can reach out to the group and get some feedback or resources that help me move forward. I’ve collaborated with other group members on projects, and now have a rolodex full of editors, tech specialists, mind/body experts and more at my fingertips."

- Kerri Lewis

"I'm making 125% more money, and having 1000% more fun...

Karen Ricks

In less than four months working with Adriana, I have been able to accelerate my business plan and embark on projects I thought would be a year or more away.

I am making 125% more money, and having 1000% more fun in the process, too!

I have never made a better investment in my business than when I decided to work with Adriana Monique Alvarez! The sooner you join us, the sooner you and your business can take advantage of all the excellence that the synergy of this group provides. I look forward to seeing you on the inside!!!"

- Karen Ricks

"The bond and encouragement in this group is unparalleled...

Angelique von Löbbecke

I have only been working with Adriana for two months and already grown so close to the other group members.

The bond and encouragement in this group is unparalleled and something that I have been secretly craving since starting out as an online entrepreneur.

With Adriana + her team you never have a dull moment - I admire their tempo and ability to keep us connected, focused while having a ***load of fun and laughter. For me this is the perfect combo of masculine action and feminine allowing + receiving, grounded and spiritual in approach so that my needs and wants and ticks as a healer are met. Highly recommended!!"

- Angelique von Löbbecke

"Now I’m a confident artist...

Jana Visser

I was a discouraged housewife and mother when I found Adriana and now I’m a confident artist. I make time to create art and put it for sale. I recently exhibited my work in a local gallery for the first time. I found a way to invest in her Silver Library and I encourage you to do the same."

- Jana Visser

"I highly recommend Adriana's program...

Gabriella Marigold Lindsay

Working with Adriana is unlike anything I've experienced before. She is someone who genuinely cares about each and every person in the group.

The support from other group members is invaluable. Working with other powerhouse women in motion is not only inspiring but it is essential for any woman looking to increase her presence as a business woman.

I highly recommend Adriana's program with no reservations. Whether you're looking to start a business, rebrand your business, increase your business or simply need help streamlining processes and attracting new networking avenues, Adriana is your woman."

- Gabriella Marigold Lindsay

"I was drawn to Adriana at first sight online!...

Mojdeh Razmiafshari

Our paths crossed when I was stuck in getting over an unfruitful high-ticketed coaching investment. Working with Adriana felt like my ticket out and back in the game. And it sure has been!

Every week is full of new sequential material, highly applicable content, impactful aha moments and upleveling. I feel fortunate to have found her and this fabulous group of ladies. We are available and supportive of each other and celebrate breakthroughs and milestones.

Adriana also walks her talk. I adore Adriana's perseverance, frankness, desire to up level and her authenticity. If you have an opportunity to experience working with her, DO NOT pass it up!"

- Mojdeh Razmiafshari

"With Adriana in my corner, I don’t need an MBA...

Jenny Pool Radway

I used to think I couldn’t achieve my business goals without getting an MBA or rewiring my brain. While my brain is great at what it does, it has a hard time figuring out many business-related things.

Every time I come across a new business hurdle, I reach out to Adriana. She has the answer at the tip of her tongue and shares her knowledge readily and openly. Business savvy just flows out and it’s second nature for her.

I may not have an MBA but with Adriana in my corner, I don’t need one. She’s teaches me on a daily basis how to look at things from a different perspective, one that allows me to tackle my business challenges head-on to confidently and capably grow my business."

- Jenny Pool Radway


(Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Personal Development...)

✨ Realize your desire to own a business is possible

✨ Learn the many ways you can set up a business so it works for you first

✨ Move from daydreaming to ideas and plans

✨ Have access to trainings that you can listen to at your own pace

✨ Lifetime access to The Holy Business Silver content library, containing over 150 business and personal development training videos for ongoing growth and continuing education

"I love the amazing networking opportunities...

Louise Cartwright

I signed up with Adriana and her team after their networking intensive. I knew immediately that the energy was right for me. I've done all my head sh*t stuff, and I needed some straight-talking strategy that would see me taking action directly related to increasing my income. That's exactly what I've got.

Of course, there is always support and guidance but as a "straight talker, action taker" myself, I needed someone who would give me the same back.

The other ladies in the group provide not only great support, but also amazing networking opportunities and that's another aspect 
I love, that everyone wants to help each other to grow. If you want to join a group of women hungry to succeed and with leaders who effortlessly merge energy and leadership, then this is the group for you."

- Louise Cartwright

"There have been so many benefits to my business...

Leah Borski

This group draws in the most genuinely caring, ambitious, down-to-earth, heart centered, supportive women. The kindred connections and support have far surpassed anything I ever expected.

There have been so many benefits to my business, my confidence, my leadership, and also my personal growth & family relationships and how I interact with my own clients as a result of being in this group.

I have achieved more in my business in these past 10 months of working with Adriana and her team than I had in the previous 4 years… and I feel better throughout the process than ever before.

I can honestly say without a doubt, I would not be where I am today without their guidance and the support of the wonderful women of Holy Business."

- Leah Borski

"Accelerated growth is understatement!...

Kate Franco

Once you step into the group, there's a swift current that sweeps you up and injects you with the momentum you need to holistically learn and grow.

Just two months later, I am clear on and believe in what I want to do, who I want to serve, and how to build and create in alignment with my lifestyle and vision.

What I didn't expect was the power of the love, diversity and collective vibration of my amazing group sisters. They loved me and had confidence in me when I couldn't find it within myself. They're the authentic, committed, no-BS, lead-by-example business women that I've been yearning for my entire career.

I have learned, grown and progressed holistically and more than I could’ve ever imagined. Accelerated growth is understatement! This is an offer of a lifetime. Seriously. Don't let it pass you by."

- Kate Franco

Kasia Gurgul

"Holy Business Silver Library is the best value you’ll find!

I have been online for several years and my favorite business mentor is Adriana Monique Alvarez. For the investment her Silver Library is the best value you’ll find!"

- Kasia Gurgul

What is included in The Holy

Business Silver Program?

🌟 So You Want To Start A Business?: 11 video series on starting a business, including topics like...

💫 Who Are YOU To Start A Business?

💫 Replace your current income from the JOB you hate in 6 months?! Is that too good to be true?

💫 The Most Important Numbers in Your Business

🌟 How to Create and Sell a Program: 8 videos, including topics like...

💫 Pick a topic that is easy for your and difficult for others. Who do you want to serve and how?

💫 What do you have to lose by promoting your program? What do you have to gain? Ideas on how to promote.

💫 What I do to do a 21 day promo

🌟 Get the Look – Tell the Story – Make the Sale: 6 videos, including topics like...

💫 Create 1-3 looks for going live and 1-3 looks for a photoshoot

💫 Take 100-200 pictures of yourself using your smart phone and a tripod

💫 Practice the 3 kinds of stories you will tell in your story

🌟 How to Find Abundance in Your Life & Business: 8 videos, including topics like...

💫 Do at least one oh my god you must be crazy thing this week

💫 Clear out groups that do not serve you

💫 How you feel and the ahas you experience as you forgive

🌟 Business FAQs – Mondays with Monique: 8 videos, including topics like...

💫 Use writing to BOOST your business and prepare you for PR

💫 Repeat Business and Ideas on HOW to Create it

💫 Do you need a Client Avatar?

🌟 Sales & Marketing: 24 videos, including topics like...

💫 3 Ways To Get More People To Take Action On Your Offers

💫 How To Effectively Communicate Online (Connection=Sales)

💫 How To Make Money From Your FB Group

🌟 And much, much more... seriously, over 150 videos!

🌟 BONUS eBook Library: 3 of my most popular eBooks on Sales & Marketing PLUS PDF Worksheets

💫 Success Redefined: Travel, Motherhood and Being the Boss

💫 Make More Money in Less Time

💫 7 Days to Income Stability


💫 Share your aha moments, meet other women on the same path, ask questions, and receive support from my team M-F


💫 Ask any questions you'd like and receive personalized and channeled feedback

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I’m full-time traveler, a Divine channel, an entrepreneur, and a Leading Business Strategist for heart-centered entrepreneurs.

💛 I stand for the financial independence of women globally.

💛 I am here to gather the wild and wise women.

💛 I am here to help women connect to their Divine nature and spiritual gifts.

💛 I believe in financial AND spiritual ascension. 🤩

If you have a BIG vision, I specialize in showing you HOW to manifest it... women who work with me learn how to take action and make money.

From small-town girl to International Business Consultant...

The Holy Business Silver Program 17I’m a small town girl from rural Colorado. I was the good girl, the straight A student, in church every time the doors were open. I spent my 20’s as a volunteer in orphanages and it wasn’t until I contracted the deadliest form of malaria while in Kenya that I began to look at who I wanted to be instead of who I was expected to be.

I met my husband of 11 years on a blind date and it was then that we decided to start our own business and bet on ourselves. Our marketing agency hit six figures in the first year while living in the Gaslamp District of downtown San Diego. All was well until one day I completely broke down walking up Banker’s Hill because I realized I wanted to have babies and I didn’t know how I was going to pull it all off.

Fast forward two years and I had two babies in twelve months! I transitioned into online business consulting so we could travel the world as a family while having a new born in one arm and a one year old in the other. Early on in our travels I realized that I still had plenty of fears to face and that included making LOTS of money. It was then my babies inspired me to grow, rewire my success codes, and work through my fears and boy did it pay off.

The Holy Business Silver Program 18I’ve had the pleasure of teaching thousands of women around the world how to start and grow a business they love. I’ve embraced who I am by bringing a unique mix of spirituality, mindset, and business savvy. I’ve been featured on dozens of podcasts and publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, International Living, and Addicted to Success.

My super power is connecting to my spiritual gifts and guides to become a channel of wealth. Shedding the good girl and stepping into my power lead to me working a few hours a day while making multiple six figures. It affords me gourmet dining, 5 star hotels, and regular visits to the spa. It gives me multiple dates with my husband each week, a nanny, a housekeeper, and private school for my kids. It gives me the ability to give my kids unforgettable experiences like staying in the walled city in Dubrovnik, at Diocletian's Palace in Split, and in San Marco's Square in Venice... It’s the island-hopping, exploring of castles, hiking of waterfalls kind of adventures I get to share with my family that inspires me to keep growing.

The Holy Business Silver Program 19I’m here to show what living well looks like. I’m here to say, "The tradition of women coming dead last, looking ragged, and being martyrs ENDS HERE." I give myself the gifts of amazing skin care, two dozen specialty teas in my cupboard, lunch delivery every day, beautiful clothing, fresh cut flowers, and the best chocolate money can buy.

I’m here to free women from BS and the lies that have taught us that women who do well financially are “masculine”, “toxic feminine energy”, “self serving”, “selfish”, or “too much”. I’m here to teach you how to live your life ABUNDANTLY. I am here to empower you to fully express yourself and to honor your soul’s contract.

I’m here to celebrate, champion, and cheerlead women who will not die with the music still inside them. I’m here to serve the wild women who have fire in their bones!

If this is you, now is YOUR time!